The Rodian Longrifle was a precision rifle made on the planet of Rodia.

Equal parts deadly weapon and piece of art, the Longrifle was a lightweight weapon consisting of a hand-carved wooden stock, which bore abstract carvings meant to bring good luck on the hunt, and a long metal barrel, etched with depictions of legendary Rodian epics.

Built for thousands of years on the planet of Rodia to aid in the hunt, the Longrifle originated as simple projectile rifles. In modern times, Rodian weaponsmiths blend time honored techniques with modern technology to produce a highly sought after weapon that was incredibly precise. In addition to precision, the Longrifle was very powerful, with mastercrafted rifles being capable of producing bolts on par with a heavy rifle.

Designed for hunting, the rifle had no stun function, and required special training to use.


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