Rodian Rippers were a type of military unit and were a part of Drexl Roosh's gang. Rippers made use of a sophisticated Zero-G lifer device to tear apart piles of scrap to find the most valuable and useful artifacts. These excavation tools could serve as weapon, and could be used similar to Telekinesis or the bladed end for stabbing. During large-scale salvage operations, Rippers would often use their tools to rip the hull of starships, allowing Jawa scavengers the chance to dissect the vessels.

They often teamed up with Rodian Heavy Defenders while on Raxus Prime, and were targeted by exile Jedi Master Kazdan Paratus's scrap droid constructs. Both factions, however, were wiped out by Galen Marek and any remaining presence the Cartel had on Raxus Prime was eliminated with its later Imperialization.