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The Rodian Salvager's Cartel was a small band of Rodian thugs, scavengers, and criminals that operated on Raxus Prime. One Rodian, Drexl Roosh, had set up an impressive salvage operation on the junk-covered planet by using his minions to produce scrap and other goods that could be sold off-world. His scavengers would pick apart any junk found on the planet, looking for the valuable hunks of metal or intact mechanical parts. Drexl had little regard for the lives of his gang members and even less for the lives of those who attempted to interfere with his operations.



Drexl Roosh was the founder and leader of the scavengers.

When the Salvage Cartel established its primary base of salvage operations on Raxus Prime, they came under assault from Jedi Master Kazdan Paratus's droid legion of Scrap Guardians, junk behemoths, and Scrap Scavengers. After initially suffering from heavy casualties, the gang managed to reorganize themselves and deploy their Heavy Defenders and Rodian Rippers against the droid army. However, the band was eventually wiped out by Galen Marek.


  • Rodian Heavy Defenders were relatively bulkier Rodians who wielded Z0-16 rotary cannons against anything that got in their way while salvaging the junk on Raxus Prime.
  • Rodian Rippers were relatively slimmer than the Heavy Defenders and wielded stun gloves containing knives along the fingers. These gloves also had an energy pad on the palms to allow them to pull junk towards them and, if necessary, launch it like a projectile at potential enemies they came across.