Rogg was a male Tusken Raider who succeeded KkH'Oar'Rrhr as leader of the Grave Tuskens, a swoop gang of Tusken mercenaries in service to the Dark Jedi Maw. When Kyle Katarn and WeeGee attempted to escape from the Katarn homestead into Barons Hed, the band of Tuskens pursued them on swoops, though Rogg was assassinated during the chase by Bordo, his nominal second-in-command who was eager to usurp him as leader of the Grave Tuskens.


Rogg[1] was among the Tusken Raiders who admired KkH'Oar'Rrhr and abandoned their homeworld of Tatooine with him in search of A'Sharad Hett, a Tusken-raised Human who left the planet in disgrace after he was unmasked in a duel with Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, a severe trespass in Tusken culture. The band searched the Outer Rim Territories, from Portug to Dromund Kaas, for Hett, but the searched ultimately proved futile, and the Tuskens were left destitute, hungry and discouraged. However, they were eventually found on Dromund Kaas by the Dark Jedi Maw, a minion of Emperor Palpatine, who organized Hoar's Tuskens into a swoop gang. Transporting them to Tython to rob ancient Jedi graves of Force artifacts, Maw dubbed them the Grave Tuskens and Hoar and his riders defiled their traditional Tusken masks, flaunting their bare faces to honor A'Sharad Hett. However, their thievery soon attracted a far more powerful, cyborg Imperial dark-sider: the Emperor's Hand, Arden Lyn.[3] In 2 ABY,[1] after she interfered with one of Hoar's grave raids and defeated him in a duel, Lyn coerced Hoar into joining her mission to assassinate high-profile members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and he abandoned the Grave Tuskens to Maw's whim without a second thought[3] and Rogg succeeded him as the swoop gang's leader, with Bordo becoming his nominal second-in-command. However, after three years of following Rogg's commands, Bordo became fed up with his leadership and became one of several Grave Tuskens eager to inherit his position.[1]

In 5 ABY,[2] Maw sent the Grave Tuskens to guard the Katarn homestead on Sulon, where the Empire had stolen a map to the Valley of the Jedi. Rogg led the band of Tuskens in pursuing a T-4 carrying Kyle Katarn, who had infiltrated his family's to recover the map, and his droid WeeGee, who were trying to escape into the spaceport of Barons Hed after discovering that it had already been taken. During the chase, however, Bordo made his move to usurp Rogg and shot him in the face, killing him and sending his swoop soaring into a canyon. Confident that his betrayal had gone unnoticed, Bordo then led the gang for the remainder of the pursuit, which ended with Bordo and most of the Grave Tuskens dead at the hands of Katarn.[1]

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A male Tusken Raider,[1] Rogg admired KkH'Oar'Rrhr and joined him in the search for A'Sharad Hett, even defiling his traditional Tusken mask and showing his face in Hett's honor, a severe trespass in Tusken culture.[3] He enjoyed his position as leader of the Grave Tuskens and liked the power that it conveyed. However, he regarded the notion of leading from the front as impractical, as if he was killed, it would resulted in the loss of his valuable knowledge and experience, not to mention his life. He even opened the matter for discussion, hoping to convince the rest of his band that the traditional system was foolish, but was blocked by his nominal second-in-command Bordo, who regarded Rogg as a coward and wished to usurp his position as leader of the Grave Tuskens. At the time of his death, Rogg wore a charm pouch around his neck with the belief that it would protect him.[1]



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