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"Well, you know the Rogues. All we need is a ship and rock to land it on."
―Wedge Antilles[src]

Rogue Squadron, originally dubbed Rogue Flight, and also known as the Rogues, was an elite Rebel Alliance starfighter squadron founded by Commander Arhul Narra, Luke Skywalker, and Wedge Antilles shortly after the Battle of Yavin out of Red Squadron. Rogue Squadron played a key role during several engagements in the Galactic Civil War, serving as the primary defense squadron of the Alliance High Command. The squadron mainly fielded T-65 X-wing starfighters, but flew other craft as well, including T-47 airspeeders, Z-95 Headhunters, RZ-1 A-wing interceptors, B-wing assault starfighters, and BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters.

They participated most notably at the Battle of Hoth and later at the Battle of Endor while reorganized once more as Red Squadron. Following the first death of the Emperor, the Rogues served the New Republic and Galactic Alliance in several critical campaigns, including the Liberation of Coruscant, the hunt for Ysanne Isard, the Yuuzhan Vong War and the Second Galactic Civil War. The squadron was in operation during the Battle of Mon Calamari in 137 ABY.


"I'm with Rogue Squadron. Impossible is our stock in trade, and success is what we deliver."
―Corran Horn[src]

Rogue Squadron was a twelve-person starfighter squadron that, throughout its history, served the Rebel Alliance, New Republic, Galactic Federation of Free Alliances,[3] and Galactic Alliance Remnant.[4] It was composed of the Alliance's top pilots,[3] and later, the best pilots in the New Republic Defense Force. The Rogues were the symbol of the New Republic's starfighter superiority and its most effective tool against enemy aggression;[5] their successes gave them an almost mythical presence in battle and could sometimes prompt an enemy to surrender without any shots being fired.[6] As long as Rogue Squadron endured, the citizens of the New Republic had hope that there was someone in space protecting them.[5] Still later, the Rogues became a symbol of the bravery and fighting spirit of the Galactic Alliance,[3] and in 137 ABY, they were the most elite of all squadrons in the Galactic Alliance Remnant.[4]

Rogue Squadron CSWE

The Rogue Squadron crest

Rogue Squadron was originally a flight group known as Rogue Flight, and was, along with Renegade Flight, formed from the remnants of the Rebel Alliance's Red Squadron following the Battle of Yavin[7] in 0 BBY.[8] The pilots of Rogue Flight, together with the pilots of Blue and Green Squadrons, flew as the ad hoc Rogue Group in the Battle of Hoth[7] in 3 ABY,[9] after which the Rogues became a full squadron, designed to operate without a set mission profile in order to take on any assignment that came their way.[3] In 10 ABY,[10] the Rogues briefly flew within a fighter wing known as Rogue Wing.[11] Throughout their history, the Rogues were led by a pilot designated Rogue Leader;[12] some Rogue Leaders broke the squadron up into smaller flight groups of four starfighters a piece.[13][14]

For many years, the Rogues flew X-wing fighters, with astromech droids assisting them from the fighters' droid sockets.[3] The Rebel Alliance and the New Republic originally used the T-65 X-wing starfighter model,[15] but in 11 ABY,[16] the squadron was reconfigured into a multi-fighter unit that included A-wings,[6] V-wings, and B-wings.[17] The Rogues were back in X-wings within the year, however.[18] By 25 ABY, Rogue Squadron was flying in the new T-65 A3 X-wing,[19] and in 40 ABY, the XJ7 model.[20] Nearly 100 years later, the Rogues flew CF9 Crossfire starfighters.[4]

In the New Republic's early years, Rogue Squadron was so key to citizens' morale that when its members resigned their posts to wage the independent, guerrilla Bacta War against the warlord Ysanne Isard, the New Republic put together an ersatz Rogue Squadron to be visible while Antilles's Rogues were away. Two unique Rogue Squadrons existed simultaneously with each other, but after Isard's defeat, the New Republic retroactively deemed the Bacta War an officially sanctioned operation, and Rogue Squadron was once more whole.[21]

Rogue Squadron's crest featured a blue Alliance Starbird surrounded by a twelve-pointed red star, with an X-wing fighter at each of the star's points. It was designed by Rogue pilot Gavin Darklighter in 6.5 ABY. The Rogues began to use it before it was officially sanctioned by New Republic Starfighter Command, sporting it as a patch on their flight suits and having it painted on their X-wings.[22]



Battle of Yavin

Red Squadron flies into the Battle of Yavin.

In the year 0 BBY,[8] the Rebel Alliance cobbled together an ad hoc starfighter squadron composed of rebel pilots from such groups as the Ecliptic Evaders, the Dantooine Squadron, the Tierfon Yellow Aces,[1] and the Griffon Flight Wing.[23] The new group was known as Red Squadron, and its task was to destroy the Galactic Empire's massive Death Star battlestation,[1] which was approaching the Alliance's base on the moon of Yavin 4. In T-65 X-wing starfighters,[24] Garven Dreis flew as Red Leader, Wedge Antilles as Red Two, Biggs Darklighter as Red Three,[23] John D. Branon as Red Four, Luke Skywalker as Red Five, Jek Tono Porkins as Red Six, Elyhek Rue as Red Seven, Bren Quersey as Red Eight, Nozzo Naytaan as Red Nine, Theron Nett as Red Ten, Wenton Chan as Red Eleven, and Puck Naeco as Red Twelve.[25] Of the entire squadron, only Skywalker and Antilles survived the Battle of Yavin, with the former firing two proton torpedoes into the Death Star's thermal exhaust port and destroying the entire station.[24]

After the battle, Red Squadron was reconstituted as two different flight groups: Renegade Flight, led by Commander Arhul Narra, and Rogue Flight, led by Rogue Leader, Luke Skywalker. Wedge Antilles was his second-in-command.[7] The latter developed when Antilles was permanently assigned to Alliance High Command following the Alliance's Evacuation of Yavin. He was part of a core team of pilots that began to form under Skywalker, that flew, trained, and developed tactics together.[1] Narra placed Skywalker in[26] charge of the nascent Rogue Flight, which began to take form under Narra's wise tutelage. One of its members was Wes Janson, a capable pilot and gunner who struck up a fast friendship with Antilles. During several skirmishes of the Alliances' evacuation of Thila, Rogue Flight proved their effectiveness as a team that lived together and flew together.[1]

Early missionsEdit


Rogue Flight takes on Imperials in the Ison Corridor.

Some of the earliest missions undertaken by Rogue Flight included an escort operation on Barkhesh and the rescue of the downed Rebel supply ship Nonnah. While the Rogues were stationed on Tatooine, Skywalker and Antilles fought a brief skirmish with TIE bombers at the Mos Eisley spaceport. On Corellia, when the Empire learned of a secret meeting between Imperial officer Crix Madine and Rebel commanders, Rogue Flight helped cover the officers' escape. The Rogues began to work on a number of missions under the direction of Madine, including the liberation of Gerrard V from the oppression of Moff Kohl Seerdon. On that mission, they disabled the TIE interceptor of Lieutenant Kasan Moor, commander of the 128th TIE Interceptor Squadron. Moor took the opportunity to defect to the Alliance, and her inside knowledge proved vital as she flew with the Rogues in the Battle of the Jade Moon, a raid on Balmorra, an assault on Kile II, and a rescue on Kessel.[27]

The pilots of Rogue Flight then put an end to Moff Seerdon's schemes on a number of worlds, flying in a battle above Taloraan, a mission to Fest, the Blockade on Chandrila, a raid on Sullust, and an attack on Thyferra, the latter of which finally saw Moff Seerdon perish.[27] At Poln Major, the Rogues flew with an Alliance armada in battle with the forces of Warlord Nuso Esva;[28] other Rogue missions included escorting a convoy of transports through the Ison Corridor,[29] the Battle of Vactooine,[30] a skirmish at Kwenn Space Station,[31] the subjugation of Jabiim,[32] and the rescue of Able, an aged clone trooper left abandoned on Lubang Minor during the Clone Wars. During the latter mission, Rogue Flight flew as Red Squadron, under the command of Commander Narra.[33]

The Rogues headed to Dantooine to rescue the Imperial pilot Tycho Celchu, a double agent whose spying for the Rebels had been discovered. The mission was a success and Celchu eventually became a Rogue. A short time later, the pilots were sent on a mission to the besieged world of Ralltiir to help cover the escape of scientists working for the Alliance. Since the evacuation of Yavin, the Rogues' Lieutenant Sarkli had caused tension among he and his fellow pilots, believing he was not getting the credit he deserved. During the defense of Ralltiir, Sarkli decided he had enough and joined the Empire.[34]

From Hoth to EndorEdit

Rogue Squadron by Tommy Lee Edwards

Rogue Squadron before the Battle of Hoth.

Narra and Renegade Flight were destroyed on an escort mission at Derra IV, along with a convoy carrying supplies for the new Rebel base on Hoth. After this, Rogue Flight officially became Rogue Squadron, with Luke Skywalker as their commander, and with new pilots added to their roster. As the Rogues became more autonomous, they became a group with no standing orders, ready any time or place for urgent missions that would arise. During the Battle of Hoth the Rogues' membership was augmented with additional personnel to crew their twelve cold-modified T-47 airspeeders (also referred to as snowspeeders) with pilots and gunners. Some of these temporary Rogues were added at the last moment, like smuggler Dash Rendar. The T-47s of Rogue Group gave the Rebels enough time to evacuate Echo Base, although many of the squadron's members lost their lives in doing so.

The loss of so many Rogues at the Battle of Hoth was felt heavily by the survivors, and a plaque to the dead members of the Rogues and of Renegade Flight was hung on the command deck of the Rebel frigate Chancellor. Antilles was promoted to Commander of Rogue Flight in order to fill the gap left by the loss of Renegade Flight. He reformed Rogue Flight into a new escort squadron for the main Alliance Fleet: Rogue Squadron.[1]

Antilles commanded Rogue Squadron during the absence of Skywalker during his trials on Dagobah, leading a dangerous mission at the Maw. Antilles led important missions such as the Battle of Dubrillion, the Battle of Kothlis, and the Battle of Fondor. After the capture of Han Solo, Skywalker and Antilles formed a squadron of 12 units around the core group, reestablishing the elite fighting force originally envisioned after the Battle of Yavin. While Luke was still recovering from his injuries from Cloud City, Rogue Squadron, under Antilles command, was dispatched to stop an Imperial Strike Cruiser that spotted the fleet's position from escaping and reporting its findings, although they also had to enter a dogfight against a TIE squadron to get to the ship. They ultimately succeeded via Rogue Five attacking the front of the ship (as attacking the back was rendered ineffective due to placing its shields at the back), although Rogue Three's X-Wing engine was damaged in the process, and the fleet had to detour in case word did get out in regards to their location. Antilles often commanded the squadron when Skywalker had important off-flight missions. One of the aspiring Jedi Knight's last missions with the squadron was the Battle of Gall against the Imperials, in an attempt to flush out the bounty hunter who had abducted Han Solo.

Rogue Squadron TEA

The X-wings of Rogue Leader Wedge Antilles and the pilots of Rogue Squadron.

Rogue Squadron participated in countless important missions during the year leading up to the Battle of Endor. At some point prior to that engagement, Rogue Squadron participated in Operation: Quick Strike, a series of deep-space engagements intended to harass Imperial military-industrial operations. The squadron also participated in the stealing of the shuttle Tydirium, the rescue of prisoners captured on Hoth at the First Battle of Bakura, and the subsequent pursuit of the Imperial escort carrier Exploiter to Geonosis. It was deployed along with Gold Squadron to defend the Rebel platform Hormuuz, which marked the Rebellion's beachhead in the Elrood sector, at the time of the evacuation of Gelgelar. After being forced to retreat from the sector, the Rogues went on to participate in the Rebel campaign to expand Alliance activities into the Airam sector, piloting various starfighters and serving in a number of disparate mission profiles, including fighter interception and anti-capital ship striking. It is unknown whether the Rogues were under the command of Antilles, Skywalker, or someone else during this campaign. Shortly before the Alliance offensive at Endor, Antilles led Rogue Squadron in the Raid on Bespin.

In 4 ABY, the Alliance Fleet gathered near the planet Sullust and prepared to strike at the Empire's unfinished Death Star II battlestation, which sat in orbit of the moon of Endor.[35] Rogue Squadron was directly attached to the MC80 Star Cruiser Home One, the flagship of the entire fleet, but Antilles temporarily renamed the Rogues "Red Squadron" in honor of the original Red Squadron from the Battle of Yavin.[36] In addition to Antilles, Red Squadron included a Human male in a Y-wing as Red Two, Sila Kott in an A-wing as Red Three,[35] Derek Klivian[37] as Red Four,[38] Grizz Frix as Red Five,[39] Keir Santage as Red Seven,[40] Randi, Wes Janson,[37] Kirst,[41] and Wister.[42] Many top X-wing pilots had recently transferred to the new A-wing fighters,[43] and the Battle of Endor saw such Rogue veterans as Gemmer Sojan[44] and Tycho Celchu flying A-wings in Green Squadron.[45]

Prior to the Battle of Endor, Antilles gathered Red Squadron into a briefing room and told them the plan of attack: Rebel starfighters would enter the Death Star's superstructure and fire on its reactor core.[37] A strike team on the moon's surface would disable the shield generator that protected the Death Star before the Alliance Fleet arrived in the Endor system, but upon their arrival, the fleet found that the shield was still up. What they thought was going to be a surprise attack was countered by a massive force of Imperial starfighters,[35] and although several Alliance squadrons were devastated by the onslaught, Red Squadron remained mostly intact and racked up a large number of kills.[36] Kott was killed by a TIE pilot, however.[35]

The Death Star joined in the battle, firing its superlaser at Rebel capital ships, forcing the Alliance Fleet to attack Imperial Star Destroyers at point-blank range so as to avoid the battlestation's destructive power. Grizz Frix perished during the daring attacks. When the strike team finally destroyed the shield generator, Antilles, Santage, and several other pilots entered the unfinished Death Star. Santage was killed, but Antilles and Gold Leader Lando Calrissian knocked out the reactor core, which started a chain reaction that destroyed the entire station. The day was won, and Galactic Emperor Palpatine was one of the Imperial casualties.[35] The Imperial Navy fought on for nearly four more hours[46] before finally retreating.[47]

Fighting for the New RepublicEdit

New rogues

The new Rogues being selected shortly after the Battle of Endor.

After Endor, the squadron was hastily and temporarily re-formed with available rebel pilots who could be spared in the aftermath of the battle, in order to defend the planet Bakura under Luke Skywalker, who was still considered Rogue Leader.

Rogue Squadron, officially reformed under Antilles, was considered the best of the best, undertaking their first mission to Cilpar with a lean team of six: Antilles, Janson, Klivian, Celchu, Plourr Ilo and Dllr Nep. Joined by Elscol Loro following this mission the squadron moved on to Mrlsst and then Tatooine where Elscol moved on to new things with a converted Imperial Intelligence team led by Sixtus Quin.

During the following year, Rogue Squadron eventually swelled to twelve—regular size for a New Republic starfighter squadron. They were involved in skirmishes on various worlds, including Brentaal IV where they captured Baron Soontir Fel, who defected and joined the squadron. They were also involved in the failed defection and rescue of Sate Pestage on Ciutric IV.

Of the remaining squadron members, Janson and Klivian went to train new squadrons, Fel disappeared, Celchu took on a mission for NRI and Nrin Vakil transferred out to deal with his grief. Antilles undertook a publicity tour on numerous New Republic worlds. When using diplomacy had reached its limits in getting worlds to join the New Republic, it was decided that taking Coruscant was required.

Antilles was then tasked with reforming Rogue Squadron in 6.5 ABY. The reconstituted Rogue Squadron would be an instrumental part of the New Republic's push against Imperial forces led by Ysanne Isard, with the ultimate goal of capturing Coruscant. Over 1200 pilots volunteered to join the resurrected Rogues.


Members of Rogue Squadron, left to right: Wedge Antilles, Plourr Ilo, Hobbie Klivian, Corran Horn, and Tycho Celchu.

The reformed squadron was quickly trained with a variety of missions designed to test the Rogue's abilities in numerous areas. It comprised pilots such as Corran Horn, Gavin Darklighter, Erisi Dlarit, Lujayne Forge, Andoorni Hui, Ooryl Qrygg, Nawara Ven, Rhysati Ynr, Peshk Vri'syk, and Bror Jace. Antilles chose Tycho Celchu as his Executive Officer, a choice he fought for with some of the upper echelons of the New Republic's military, as Celchu was under suspicion from previous encounters. The pilots of their command were quickly thrust into the line of fire in the disastrous First Battle of Borleias. Very soon after, Borleias was taken in a second, heated assault. From Borleias, the New Republic was in position to take an offensive action toward the core, particularly the capital world of Coruscant. Rogue Squadron would continue to lead the way.

With two new additions of Aril Nunb and Pash Cracken, Rogue Squadron infiltrated Coruscant. They went in as teams of two but all subsequently met up, gaining an ally in Asyr Sei'lar, a Bothan who was an alumnus of the Bothan Martial Academy. Celchu shocked the Rogues, when he showed up on Coruscant after having been presumed killed in a disastrous attack by Warlord Zsinj on Noquivzor. He had been brought in beforehand by Wedge as backup. Tycho had purchased six Z-95 Headhunters, of which five were used in the attack to bring down Coruscant's orbital shields. The sixth was flown by Corran Horn into a storm created by the Rogues by boiling the city's water supply with Coruscant's orbital mirrors. Their goal was to take down a power Grid Subsystem buried under a Statue. Although this endeavor was successful, Horn was subsequently captured by Ysanne Isard using the Headhunter's override codes (given to her by turncoat Erisi Dlarit). Horn was taken to Lusankya but presumed dead in the rubble where the storm and his attack had taken place. Corran's death was used by the New Republic to rally more troops and raise overall morale.

Tycho Celchu was accused of being the traitor and was brought on trial, defended by fellow Rogue Nawara Ven. Meanwhile, Corran Horn was trapped in Isard's Lusankya facility. Ysanne Isard couldn't change him, so she put him in the highest security area on Lusankya. He managed to escape, while Celchu's trial was tearing Rogue Squadron apart. Finally, when Ysanne Isard blasted out of Coruscant on the Lusankya, Erisi Dlarit, the real traitor, faked being pulled by a tractor beam, and rendezvoused with the Super Star Destroyer.

The Bacta WarEdit

"No choice at all Luke. We're, ah, we were Rogue Squadron. We do."
Wedge Antilles to Luke Skywalker on going after Ysanne Isard[src]

To pursue Isard, Rogue Squadron resigned their commissions and participated in the Bacta War. With only minimal resources, they managed to lure the Star Destroyer Avarice to the New Republic, and they heavily damaged Lusankya, making her surrender. Ysanne Isard was presumed dead, shot down by the Rogues as she tried to escape. Thyferra was liberated, and Rogue Squadron gained a pilot in Tal'dira. However, Nawara Ven became the Squadron's XO, never to fly an X-Wing again, for he had lost his leg and wasn't able to fly well enough with a prosthetic.

During that time, Klivian led a temporary Rogue Squadron during the "true" Rogue Squadron's absence. However, an alleged filing error kept the resignations from being documented, and the Rogues were again New Republic officers, and the mission on Thyferra was retroactively considered a New Republic-sanctioned campaign. Antilles turned command over to Celchu and founded Wraith Squadron. Antilles commanded both squadrons against Warlord Zsinj and after that he returned to his command as Rogue Leader.

Later actionEdit

"I say let the Imperials keep coming, because every time a new admiral crawls out of the Outer Rim or some Imperial goon finds a lost superweapon, Rogue Squadron gets a new starfighter. Seems like a good deal to me."
Wedge Antilles[src]
Rogue Squadron

The Rogue Squadron rec-room.

Rogue Squadron saw a great deal of combat during the Thrawn Crisis, including the Battle of Sluis Van and the Battle of Bilbringi, and immediately afterwards, the conquest of Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel's Ciutric Hegemony. The New Republic took one of its outlying planets, Liinade III and then prepared to attack Ciutric, the capital planet of the Hegemony, while simultaneously looking for clues that would lead to the remaining Lusankya prisoners. One of them, Urlor Sette, unexpectedly turned up at a party for the squadron, but when Corran Horn recognized him and said his name, an implanted device killed Sette. The Squadron went on a mission to Commenor, finding some of the prisoners and learning that Isard might be alive. During the attack on one of Krennel's outlying planets, Horn was shot down. He found a secret facility that showed evidence of a Pulsar Station, not unlike the Death Star, and the Rogues moved to attack it at a moon orbiting a gas giant, only to be ambushed. They were saved by two squadrons of TIE/D Defenders, Stranger and Interloper Squadrons, under the command of Colonel Broak Vessery, and taken to a secret base, having suffered the death of 2 pilots and the critical injury and presumed death of 2 more. Surprisingly, they met Ysanne Isard, who was responsible for their rescue. She revealed that the Isard they had thought they had killed was a clone, and she had survived to make herself a threat, and that all Isard wanted was her demise.

Rogue Squadron Scalf

Rogue Squadron (left) performs aerial maneuvers with Red Squadron in 7 ABY.

The squadron was trained to use TIE Defenders and then attacked Ciutric. The New Republic attacked at the same time, killing Krennel in the ensuing space battle. The real Isard tried to recapture Lusankya at Bilbringi, but was shot and killed in the attempt by Iella Wessiri. The real Isard had already betrayed Rogue Squadron by not supporting them in their attempt to kill the clone Isard and rescue the rest of the Lusankya prisoners at Ciutric. Rogue Squadron was successful however, and the clone of Isard was killed.

Not long afterward, now-General Wedge Antilles was given command of a fighter wing, which he dubbed Rogue Wing. The wing included Rogue Squadron.[11] While the New Republic was still celebrating their victory over Thrawn, the Imperial Military mounted a massive attack on Coruscant[48] in 10 ABY.[10] Antilles helped coordinate the New Republic's retreat from the embattled world,[11] a retreat that was covered by Rogue Squadron. Due to devastating losses in New Republic Army Command, a temporary emergency transfer saw Antilles appointed to the army as Fighter Command Liaison, but Admiral Ackbar allowed him to retain command of the Rogues.[48] Meanwhile, an Imperial Civil War erupted within the leaderless Empire,[49] and the New Republic took advantage of the confusion by sending their own Star Destroyers into war zones to stir up further confusion.[50] The hangars of those destroyers were filled with the X-wings of Rogue Wing. On a mission to Coruscant, most of Rogue Wing's fighters were stationed aboard the Star Destroyer Emancipator, but Antilles himself was on the Liberator when it was shot down above the former capital world. In the midst of the still-raging battle, the general evacuated the crew of the ship and waited for rescue.[11]

After being ferried from the Coruscanti war zone, Antilles was sent to coordinate the air defense of the Battle of Calamari.[51] The planet was being ravaged by World Devastator superweapons under the command of Luke Skywalker, who had been turned to the dark side and was serving as the Empire's Supreme Commander under a reborn Emperor Palpatine.[52] Rogue Squadron was deployed into the battle, with Antilles flying a V-wing airspeeder and Kasan Moor once again flying for the Rogues.[53] The battle was finally won when Skywalker's astromech droid, R2-D2, beamed the Emperor's master control signal—given to him by Skywalker, whose dark turn had partially been a deep undercover ruse—into the World Devastators' control computers, which caused the massive machines to turn on and destroy each other.[54] Although Palpatine managed to unite the feuding Imperial factions into a Dark Empire,[55] his final death halted his destructive campaign and saw the Imperial fleet again splinter into warlordism.[56] With the Empire in ruins, the New Republic was able to retake Coruscant, with Antilles commanding Rogue Squadron during the siege.[57]

With secure control of the galaxy once more, the New Republic began to reassess its military forces. Although Rogue Squadron was a nearly mythical name by this point, Antilles's superiors wanted it changed, and ordered him to reconfigure it into a versatile unit composed of several different kinds of fighters, which they felt would allow for more flexibility in battle. Antilles's protests were overruled, and his distaste for bureaucracy prompted him to request command of the Rogues from the bridge of the captured Super Star Destroyer, Lusankya. One hundred fighters from a broad range of ships in Lusankya's hangars were available for Rogue Squadron alone, the new version of which saw its first round of action in the Battle of Phaeda[6] in 11 ABY.[16] The Lusankya arrived at the planet to defend its New Republic outpost from the Steadfast, a Star Destroyer of Lord Carnor Jax's Crimson Empire. Tycho Celchu served as Rogue Leader in a squadron composed of E-wings, B-wings,[17] and A-wings.[6] The Steadfast and its TIEs were easily outmatched by Lusankya and the Rogues, and the Imperials were defeated.[17] Not long afterward, central Imperial leadership collapsed, and the Galactic Empire ceased to exist.[58]

Rogue Squadron CE4

Rogue Squadron fights in the battle of Phaeda

Later in 11 ABY, the Rogues were yet again a squadron exclusively composed of X-wings. They were assigned to hunt for the Invids, an elusive pirate group led by ex-Imperial Moff Leonia Tavira, who eluded every attempt by the New Republic to capture her. The Rogues found themselves with about a week of down time in between raids. On one raid, they intercepted a group of Invid ugly starfighters in the K'vath system and easily disposed of them, capturing the modified bulk cruiser Booty Full. The New Republic capital ships waiting just outside of the system were disappointed, however, that Tavira's Star Destroyer Invidious was not present.[18] Corran Horn left the squadron shortly afterward in order to train as a Jedi in Master Luke Skywalker's New Jedi Order,[59] and ended up going undercover with the Invids during a hunt for his missing wife, Mirax. When the New Republic tracked the Invidious to Xa Fel and attacked, the Rogues were unaware that they were flying against Horn, who narrowly avoided proton torpedoes fired by Celchu's fighter and escaped. The Rogues later removed the Invid-affiliated Khuiumin Survivors from their base on Courkrus, and Horn was able to defeat and rescue his wife from the Force-sensitive Jensaarai, who had been helping Tavira anticipate the New Republic's strikes. The threat of the Invidious was thus effectively neutralized.[60] In 12.5 ABY the Rogues were one of the few New Republic survivors of the Battle of Orinda.

A situation on the newly found planet of Adumar called for Wedge to return to the cockpit with Tycho Celchu, Wes Janson and Hobbie Klivian in 13 ABY. Antilles led a diplomatic envoy which succeeded in bringing the neutral world to the New Republic. The four pilots used Rogue Squadron markings on their X-wings and flew as Red Flight with call signs Red 1 through Red 4.

The Caamas Document incident also called for Rogue Squadron's unique talents as they were pressed into ground-based service in an attempt to find out the truth behind the document. The return of Thrawn also saw the Rogues thrust back into the frontlines in an attempt to protect the New Republic.

The signing of the peace treaty ending the Galactic Civil War marked the time for many pilots from Rogue Squadron to retire.

Yuuzhan Vong WarEdit

"Rogue Squadron to Borleias. We're back. We kicked your butt twenty years ago. Now we're here to do it again."
Colonel Gavin Darklighter, 27.5 ABY[src]

Under the leadership of Colonel Gavin Darklighter, Rogue Squadron played a central role in a number of battles against the Yuuzhan Vong. The conflict saw Rogue Squadron suffer heavy losses, including nine pilots killed, one resignation and one transfer — the Battle of Dantooine took the lives of half the squadron. The war also saw the adoption of several new technologies, including the shadow bomb and XJ3 model X-Wing fighters.

Following the conclusion of the war, Colonel Darklighter accepted a Fleet command and handed Rogue Squadron over to a new Rogue Leader.

Second Galactic Civil WarEdit

During the Second Galactic Civil War, Rogue Squadron, now flying XJ7 fighters, were once again called upon to defend the Galactic Alliance. Under the command of Jacen and Jaina Solo, Rogue Squadron made a first strike at Corellia thus starting a full scale war.

The Rogues continued to fight for the Alliance despite Jacen's elevation to Head of State and Jaina's allegiance to the Jedi Order. They were assigned to the Anakin Solo during the failed attempt by the Alliance to seize Centerpoint Station. During the engagement the Rogues met the Jedi-aligned Rakehell Squadron, which ironically included former Rogue Leaders Luke Skywalker, Wedge Antilles, and Tycho Celchu. During this action, at least two Rogues were lost in combat, including Lensi flying as Rogue Leader.

Sith-Imperial War and BeyondEdit

"Ho ho ho! You all right! Welcome to Rogue Squadron, Hondo Karr! Come! Andurgo give you ale! Brew it myself!"
"A drink's a drink."
―Rogue pilots Andurgo and Hondo Karr, after a knife-fight with each other[src]

The Crossfire starfighters of Rogue Squadron destroy TIE Predators above Dac.

Rogue Squadron was still an active squadron in 137 ABY as the most elite of all of the squadrons in the Galactic Alliance Remnant.[4] Although the Galactic Alliance had since fallen, Admiral Gar Stazi was leading its Remnant in a campaign of hit-and-run battles against Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire that formed a large theater of the ongoing Imperial Civil War.[61] The Rogues were stationed aboard the Indomitable, a Scythe-class battle cruiser that served as the flagship of the Galactic Alliance Core Fleet, and were flying CF9 Crossfire starfighters.[4] The Weequay Jhoram Bey was Rogue Leader, and the squadron members included the Klatooinian Ronto, the young and brash Human Anj Dahl, the hot-headed Dug Andurgo, and the Mon Calamari Monia Gahan, niece of former Galactic Alliance Triumvirate member Gial Gahan. In 137 ABY, the former Mandalorian Hondo Karr joined the squadron.[62]

During the Battle of Mon Calamari, Rogue Squadron provided cover for the Alliance Remnant fleet. Intent on keeping incoming waves of Predator-class starfighters from attacking the Indomitable and other Alliance capital ships, the Rogues flew interference and shot down several fighters. Once the main objective of capturing the Imperious-class Star Destroyer Imperious was achieved, the Rogues fell back and covered Stazi's fleet as it jumped to a secret rendezvous point. Late in the battle, Jhoram Bey returned to the Indomitable to rescue Admiral Stazi from his crippled flagship. As Captain Jaius Yorub piloted the Indomitable into the Mon Calamari shipyards on a suicide run, Bey, escorted by Anj Dahl and Andurgo, jumped to hyperspace and made it safely back to the Alliance rendezvous point. Bey was promoted to captain and took Yorub's former position at Stazi's side,[63] and Dahl became the new Rogue Leader.[64]

Rogue Squadron later participated in the Battle of Ralltiir[64] and on a mission to rescue a group of Mon Calamari refugees from the genocide that Darth Krayt had declared against their species. During the latter mission, the Rogues encountered the Mandalorian bounty hunter, Tes Vevec—Hondo Karr's ex-wife. At the mission's end, Karr left the Rogues and teamed up with Vevec in order to pursue fellow Mandalorian Yaga Auchs, who had betrayed his clan and killed the Mandalore, Chernan Ordo.[65] The genocide on Dac got worse when viral spores were released into the water world's oceans and began to kill every living thing on the planet; Rogue Squadron discovered millions of corpses floating on the seas three days later and reported it to Admiral Stazi after taking out several TIE predators. Stazi organized a massive Evacuation of Dac, during which the Rogues helped fend off attacking Imperials.[66]

When Galactic Emperor Darth Krayt began an aggressive military push against the Remnant, the Empire-in-exile, and the New Jedi Order—three organizations that had recently formed an Alliance against Krayt—the Rogues and Stazi's Imperious (since renamed the Alliance) stopped Imperial forces from bombing Falleen. There, they met the famed Sith hunter Cade Skywalker, who aided them in the battle.[67] Rogue Squadron later fought with the Alliance fleet in the evacuation of the Jedi's Hidden Temple[68] and in the final battle of the war over Coruscant. Although the Allies ultimately won the battle and, consequently, the war, both Ronto and Andurgo were killed.[69][70]


Luke leads Rogue Squadron

Luke Skywalker leads Rogue Group in the Battle of Hoth

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  1. Luke Skywalker
  2. Wedge Antilles
  3. Tycho Celchu
  4. Gavin Darklighter
  5. Jaina Solo
  6. Lensi
  7. Jhoram Bey
  8. Anj Dahl


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"And then in 1995, out of the blue, I picked up the phone and there was Mike. It seemed he'd just been contracted to write a series of Star Wars X-Wing books for Bantam and wanted to discuss the Rogue Squadron group I'd created for my own Star Wars books."
―Timothy Zahn[src]

Rogue Squadron's origins date back to Irvin Kershner's 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back, wherein Luke Skywalker commands a group of snowspeeder pilots using "Rogue" as a callsign during the Battle of Hoth. The film[72] and its script identify Skywalker as "Rogue Leader",[73] and its radio drama identifies the group as "Rogue Flight",[72] a name that would be echoed in 1984's A Guide to the Star Wars Universe.[74] Galaxy Guide 3: The Empire Strikes Back, published in 1989, uses the term "Rogue Group," and describes them as a squadron of starfighter pilots who are pressed into service flying snowspeeders in times of need.[75] 1990's Rebel Alliance Sourcebook refers to all of the starfighter units assigned to Hoth's Echo Base as "rogue squadrons,"[76] and Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi, published in the same year, again uses the term "Rogue Group" to refer to Skywalker's squadron.[77] and Galaxy Guide 5: Return of the Jedi, published in the same year, again uses the term "Rogue Group" to refer to Skywalker's squadron.[77]


Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, the first of three video games to star the Rogues

It was author Timothy Zahn who coined the term "Rogue Squadron" and established the Rogues as an elite fighting force of the New Republic, active five years after the events of Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi, while writing his 1991 novel Heir to the Empire.[78] The Second Edition of Galaxy Guide 3, published in 1996, went on to state that "Rogue Group" fell under the command of Wedge Antilles following the Battle of Hoth, and that it was remodeled and renamed "Rogue Squadron" prior to Return of the Jedi's Battle of Endor.[79] More recently, 2012's The Essential Guide to Warfare has established a definitive timeline regarding the squadron's nomenclature: "Rogue Flight" was born just after Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope's Battle of Yavin, and while Skywalker and Antilles were later stationed on Hoth, they were considering expanding the flight into a full-fledged squadron. Hoth's Echo Base was attacked, however, and "Rogue Group" was an ersatz snowspeeder unit created from Rogue Flight, Green Squadron, and Blue Squadron, and tasked with defending Echo Base.[7] The Rogues then became a full squadron following the battle.[80] Nevertheless, various sources refer to the pre-Hoth Rogues as either Rogue Group[1] or Rogue Squadron.[31]

As Return of the Jedi features Antilles leading a "Red Group" rather than a Rogue Squadron during the Battle of Endor,[35] the first edition of Galaxy Guide 5 asserted that the Rogues reformed into Red Group prior to the battle.[77] It has since been retconned that the name was merely a temporary one used to honor the heroes of Red Squadron from the earlier Battle of Yavin.[81] The 1993 novel The Truce at Bakura sees the Rogues flying as Rogue Squadron again just one day after Endor.[82] The 19771986 Star Wars comic series published by Marvel Comics featured Rebel pilots flying X-wings in the time period between Hoth and Endor;[83] some of them were later retconned into being members of Rogue Squadron.[84]

Rogue Squadron has been the focus of a multitude of Expanded Universe works. Author Michael A. Stackpole was contracted by Bantam Spectra to write four X-Wing novels about the squadron in the mid-1990s, and he logged a large number of hours playing the X-wing and TIE Fighter video games in preparation. He also consulted friends of his who were pilots, read biographies of pilots, and watched television documentaries on fighter squadrons,[85] the latter having been featured prominently on television due to the fiftieth anniversary of D-Day.[86] Six additional X-Wing novels have been written, by Stackpole and Aaron Allston.[87] Stackpole also authored a thirty-five issue comic series about Rogue Squadron,[88] and the Rogues have factored into the plots of other Expanded Universe works, such as The New Jedi Order novel series and the Star Wars: Legacy comics.[89][90][91][65]

Three Rogue Squadron video games have been developed by Factor 5 and published by LucasArts. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was released for the Nintendo 64 and PC CD-ROM in 1998,[27] and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader and Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike were respectively released in 2001 and 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube.[29]Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader</ref>[34]


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