Roj was a Human male who served as an enlisted trooper within the Alliance Military's 4th Squad which was under the command of Corporal Jobin.


Roj's squad was a part of the Rebel Alliance contingent that served at Echo Base on the ice planet of Hoth. They were stationed at Echo Station 5-7. During the battle, a group of snowtroopers and an All Terrain Scout Transport attacked the ion cannon. Jobin took Roj and several others—Grond, Sora, and an anonymous Rebel—and attacked the stormtroopers. The squad successfully destroyed the All Terrain Scout Transport. Roj then assaulted the ion cannon with the rest of the group, successfully liberating it from the stormtroopers. However, during the battle both Grond and the anonymous rebel were killed.

Roj, Jobin, and Sora then retreated to Echo Base in search of transport off-planet. Unfortunately, they encountered Darth Vader. They retreated to an adjacent hangar which contained a Y-wing starfighter. As they ran onboard, Jobin was shot. Roj wished to take Jobin with him, but Jobin told him to escape, throwing him a letter he had written to his mother. Roj and Sora successfully escaped the Empire and made it back to the Rebel fleet, giving the letter to Crix Madine.


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