Roja was a human male who served as a soldier in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry—also known as Twilight Company—during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


In Twilight CompanyEdit

Roja joined the Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, also known as Twilight Company, sometime before the Galactic Civil War and was present for the battle of Mygeeto. Like all Twilight soldiers, Roja lived on the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike and shared a bunk room with First Sergeant Hazram Namir and a few others. Following the attack on Haidoral Prime, Twilight Company ran into an Imperial patrol and Roja and the others were awoken by the Thunderstrike's klaxons. Roja asked Namir what was going on and the man could not answer that. The Thunderstrike and it's escort, the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise escaped the battle intact.[1]

Escort to HothEdit

Following a raid on an Imperial heavy freighter, Roja, Beak and Namir were assigned to escort former Imperial governor Everi Chalis and their Captain, Micha Evon—also known as Howl—, to Echo Base. Whilst at the base, Roja and Beak were assigned to teams matching their specialities and Namir was put to work with a Alliance Special Forces soldier named Kryndal. Roja managed to bond with the snow speeder technicians with "shocking speed" and as rumours flowed around about the strategy conference, Roja went up to Namir telling the man that Chalis was helping the Alliance High Command make a 1-5 year plan for winning the Galactic Civil War.[1]

Some more time passed and Namir got into a fight with Kryndal over the point of the Alliance and the war. Roja and Beak eventually found the man and they started telling stories of the incompetence of the stuck up base troops and former battles such as the battle of Mygeeto. The next day, the strategy conference was finished and Chalis and Howl returned to announce their imminent departure back to the rest of Twilight Company. However, they were cut off by a female soldier announcing that the Empire had found them.[1]

Battle of HothEdit

"If anything happens, your job is to protect Howl. We'll keep you two safe"
―Roja to Everi Chalis during the Battle of Hoth[src]

Roja, Beak and Namir were soon assigned to Perimeter Outpost Delta where they huddled together in a trench line. They got word of a fleet of Imperial-class Star Destroyers in orbit and Roja began asking questions to Namir that the man could not answer. Beak saved Namir the effort by pointing him south and soon enough, the shield generator went online. The trio passed a pair of macrobinoculars between them and Roja was the first to spot incoming ships. Beak pointed out that they were Gozanti Cruisers carrying vehicles to the surface. Soon enough, Outpost Beta fell to newly deployed AT-ATs.[1]

Scout forces fanned out from the route of the AT-ATs and some a complement of light vehicles and troops. Namir ordered the turrets fire on the floating gunnery platforms as the AT-STs would just be a distraction. However the AT-STs began shooting at the turrets until the outposts armoured defences were rendered useless. One of the personnel near them kamikazied one of the AT-STs with a grenade, taking it down. Once they were finished with the armour and the rest of the enemy withdrew, the trio and a few others found a HAVw A6 Juggernaut which was abandoned and Roja had it working again in minutes. Roja and Beak then drove it with Namir and the others to get back to the main base.[1]

When they returned to the main base, they found the defending troops in full retreat and the shield generator on it's last legs. A colonel said the base had taken AT-AT fire and the high command had taken a hit. The three went into the base and through the hallways where they found Chalis and the unconscious Captain Howl. Namir ran down the hallways to scout the area whilst Roja and Beak stayed with Chalis and Howl. Namir then returned and they made for the hanger. However, as they got close, they were cut off by Darth Vader and his troops. The three shot at Vader and the Sith Lord leaped and bisected Beak with his lightsaber. Roja then threw a grenade at Vader which was deflected and knocked out Namir.

When Namir awoke, Roja and Howl were dead and Chalis had been swept aside by Vader and his troops. Namir took Chalis and they escaped on a shuttle using Chalis's clearance codes. The battle of Hoth was an ultimate defeat for the Alliance and it's forces were scattered into the Outer Rim.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"Beak is a fine soldier, and Roja is...Roja. There are worse comrades to have"
Gadren describing Roja and Beak[src]

Roja wasn't described to be a great soldier to work with by Gadren but the Besalisk claimed their were worse ones to work with. Roja asked Namir many questions, most were answered by Beak. During his time on Echo Base, Roja bonded quickly with the snow speeder technicians and was good at fixing things.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Roja first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.



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