Rojahn was a male Human who served in the Imperial Navy during the Galactic Civil War.

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As the commander of the Carrack-class light cruiser Expeditious, Rojahn served as part of Admiral Devlia's Rachuk sector fleet. It was under his command that the Expeditious captured former CorSec officer Gil Bastra, and played host to Imperial Intelligence agent Kirtan Loor when Loor came aboard to interrogate the prisoner. When the vessel, along with the Lancer-class frigate Ravager happened upon the attack on Devlia's base at Grand Isle by Rogue Squadron, Loor was also aboard. In the wake of the Ravager's destruction, Rojahn sought permission from Loor to be allowed to pick up any escape pods before departing, as he had been given explicit orders to ferry Loor to Coruscant as quickly as possible. To retain Rojahn's loyalty, the agent agreed to the request.


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