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Rojer 621 was the codename of a New Republic spy who had infiltrated Moff Kentor Sarne's forces before the liberation of Kal'Shebbol.


Nothing was known about Rojer 621, not even if they were male or female. In fact, it was not even sure if they were a true New Republic agent, or a ploy by Sarne himself to feed false information to the FarStar. All that was clear is that they were a member of Sarne's administration, and that they funneled information to the FarStar.

Roger 621 first made their presence known when they started to leave clues for the FarStar to follow during their hunt for Moff Sarne. Unfortunately for the crew of the FarStar, they were out of contact with the New Republic at that point, and had no way of verifying whether or not Rojer 621 was a genuine intelligence asset or not.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rojer 621 was a Gamesmaster character that could be used to help guide the characters if they were faltering in the campaign, or to help them out if they were in a difficult situation.