"…I offer you an opportunity to minimize unnecessary bloodshed, to settle things personally and at close hand between ourselves, once and for all. Nor have I need for the resources of half an empire to persuade you. At this very moment the power is mine to exterminate every sentient being in this nebula, every flyspeck of life, every hope that life again will ever flourish here. Behold and bear witness!"
―Rokur Gepta, before demonstrating the power of his biological weapon[src]

The Croke Sorcerer of Tund Rokur Gepta had in his possession a biological weapon that was capable of killing living creatures and of distinguishing illusory targets from real ones. Gepta used the weapon to lure the gambler and smuggler Lando Calrissian into agreeing to a duel at the ThonBoka nebula lest Gepta unleash the power of the weapon on a spaceworthy species known as the Oswaft.


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