"Rol! Hontho! Trox! Take him!"
"Sorry, old rust bucket, but Rol and his friends are permanently indisposed.
―Kyle Katarn informs 8t88 of Rol's fate[src]

Rol was a Human male bodyguard who worked for the droid information broker 8t88 during the year 5 ABY. Rol served 8t88 while the latter stayed in the Barons Hed government building on the moon Sulon for official business related to the Galactic Empire, and at one point helped install a new arm onto 8t88's body. However, Rol's "help" merely infuriated 8t88 due to Rol being unable to pick the right tool for the job.

Rol later retrieved the government house's duplicitous majordomo and witnessed 8t88 execute the man for causing a grievance towards the droid—rather than resting 8t88 and his minions in a lavish VIP suite, he instead placed them in a coat room. Rol, along with fellow bodyguards Hontho and Trox, met their deaths at the hands of Kyle Katarn, a man who was after 8t88's head.


An inferior biologicalEdit

"You there, get me the tuning stylus."
"Yes, sir."
"No, no, no. I said the tuning stylus, you idiot!
―8t88 and Rol[src]
8t88 4

Rol worked for 8t88 as a bodyguard.

Rol was a Human male bodyguard who worked for the Model 88-series droid information broker 8t88, alongside fellow bodyguards and servants Hontho and Trox,[2] during the year 5 ABY.[1] Rol and the others stayed with 8t88 as he worked for the Galactic Empire on the moon Sulon, and worked out of the Sulon Government House.[2] Due to what 8t88 later perceived as part of an anti-droid sentiment, the house's majordomo placed 8t88 and his hirelings in a coatroom that was adjoined to a ballroom.[3]

Before setting out to work on the Empire's contract, 8t88 decided to replace an arm he had lost while on the moon Nar Shaddaa during a shootout with Kyle Katarn, a man 8t88 attempted to double-cross. 8t88 enlisted Rol's help in installing a new arm, and at some point asked Rol to hand him a tuning stylus. Rol, unable to tell the difference between a tuning stylus and a testing probe, handed 8t88 a testing probe. 8t88 angrily threw it back at him, took the right instrument,[2] and proceeded to wonder how a biological like Rol could live.[3]

The coatroom debacleEdit

"Summon the fool in charge."
―8t88 orders Rol to fetch the majordomo[src]

Once 8t88's arm was fully installed, the droid sent Rol to find the majordomo,[2] as 8t88 had come to realize that his supposed VIP suite was a coatroom.[3] Rol found the majordomo, only for him to take his time in actually heeding Rol's call. When the majordomo did answer, he preceded Rol up the stairs that led to 8t88's quarters.[2] 8t88 and the majordomo discussed the latter's duplicity on the nature of their coatroom suite, which led 8t88 to eventually execute the man; the majordomo's death ended up invigorating the rest of the staff.[2] Rol was about to remove the majordomo's body from the room when 8t88 decided to instead feed it to his pet hornagaunt Grendel.[3]

At some point, Rol, Trox, and Hontho encountered Kyle Katarn, who had followed 8t88 from Nar Shaddaa. All three bodyguards were killed by Katarn as he made his way through the Government House. When Katarn finally reached 8t88, the droid called for his bodyguards, only for Katarn to reveal that he had killed them.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

"How you biologicals continue to thrive is beyond me."
―8t88 belittles Rol[src]

A Human male,[2] Rol was uneasy around his droid boss, and spoke shakily when being addressed by the droid.[3] Rol was subject to 8t88's abuse, simply because Rol was a biological being. 8t88 also referred to Rol as an idiot for not being able to identify a tuning stylus. However, when 8t88 demanded that Rol fetch the Government House's majordomo, Rol shrugged the reasoning for the demand off as one of 8t88's eccentricities. Rol became uneasy when the majordomo first presented himself to 8t88, and wrinkled his nose at the smell of the majordomo's urine as it pooled at the man's feet as he died.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Did you send for the fool in charge of this place?"
―In the audio drama, 8t88 asks Rol if the latter had sent for the majordomo[src]

Rol first appeared in the 1998 novella Dark Forces: Rebel Agent, which was written by science-fiction author William C. Dietz. Although Rol is identified as a male in the novella,[2] Rol's voice in the audio adaption of the novella is distinctly feminine.[3] However, as the novella explicitly refers to Rol as a male,[2] this article treats Rol as a male individual. In addition, Rol has no dialogue in the novella.[2] Another difference between the audio drama and the novella is how Rol retrieves the majordomo. In the novella, Rol leaves 8t88's quarters to personally find the majordomo,[2] whereas in the audio drama Rol sent for the majordomo, who then arrived without Rol ever leaving the room.[3]

Rol's voice actor in the audio drama was not credited.[3]


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