"I once played a tramp freighter captain in "Captain Rygaen's Ploy," but I never expected I'd actually become one."
―Rollo Morsai[src]

Rollo Morsai was a female Human smuggler and former actress who operated in the Minos Cluster during the time of the Rebellion era.


Formerly a beautiful holovid actress under the name "Jona Reeten," she was blacklisted by Babel Torsch when he learned she played a Jedi in a holo. Unable to find work as an entertainer, she converted her yacht Gilded Lily to a freighter and started smuggling.

Personality and traitsEdit

Gaunt and lethargic from inactivity and despair, Rollo was prone to depression and focused on getting revenge on Babel Torsch. Tiebo, her pilot and former valet, performed most of the work for her business.

Over time she had come to accept her turn of fortunes without too much bitterness and she believed that there was more pain in her future and so she was not in any hurry to meet it head-on.


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