"I killed fifteen Republic troopers with one of these things once… an' a school transport that got in the way."
―Rom Niles, to Anakin Skywalker[src]

Rom Niles was a Human male from Tatooine, who lived as a criminal during the time of the Clone Wars.


During the start of the Clone Wars, Rom killed about 15 soldiers of the Galactic Republic and destroyed a school van. Later, he was captured by the Republic along with 49 other of the most dangerous criminals on M'Bardi and would be shipped to Coruscant. While been guarded by Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano, the cruiser was attacked by Separatists under the command of General Grievous. The cruiser's main reactor was damaged, causing the cells to open and the prisoners who therefore can attack the Jedi. While the Jedi were trying to hold the prisoners, the crew tried to repair the reactor until they ultimately failed. Knowing that the ship was going to be destroyed very soon, Valon was among the prisoners to cooperate with the Jedi. He versed with the Republic guns and destroyed several Vulture-class droid fighters that were circling around the damaged ship. The ship was finally repaired and moved safely through Republic space. Skywalker thanked the prisoners for helping and guaranteed their aid will affect their parole.


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