Romin were a humanoid species, who boasted a somewhat smaller stature than that of Humans; Romin were a species with golden skin and eyes. Their noses were flat, barely raised on their faces, and their mouths were wide and expressive.

The Romin hailed from the planet Romin and were divided into two classes. The ruling class was the minority of Romin who had wealth and status. The majority of the Romin were of the working class who lived in poverty and took up homes in vast shanty towns that were set up outside of the richer cities. The working class suffered from a much shorter lifespan due to the rampant disease and decay that dominated the ghettos of Romin, with their infant children often not reaching their second birthdays before death overcame them.

The Romin were ruled by a single dictator who went by the title of Great Leader. The Great Leader during the final days of the Republic before the Clone Wars was Roy Teda, who became infamous for hiding galactic criminals on the planet for substantial kick-backs—bribe monies collected by his "charity" deputy.

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