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"Ha, good one, Roan! You're right, though, I couldn't have done it without you. I'll make sure to thank you when I'm ruling the galaxy... and remember to vote for me!"
―Ronald Rinzler[src]

Ronald Rinzler was a male Human who attended the Jedi academy on Coruscant. He was a politically-minded boy who sported a somewhat formal hairstyle and was voted president of the student council.[1] In Roan Novachez's second year at Jedi academy, Novachez became concerned when he noticed that Rinzler was in the habit of glancing at his quiz papers, apparently cheating. Though Rinzler apologized, Novachez was disturbed by the cheating, but decided that people would consider him a "jerk" for this.[2] Rinzler remained student council president in the next year and was profiled in the Coruscant Senate Bulletin. Throughout the term, Rinzler continued trying to cheat off Novachez, at one point even attempting a mind trick to influence Novachez to let him look at his homework, but Novachez instead successfully employed a mind trick of his own to convince him that he didn't need to. Novachez later learned that Rinzler was one of the two indviduals that had been pulling pranks on him throughout the term, double-teaming against him with known school bully Cronah. At the end of the term, Rinzler was revealed as a cheater and failed the academy middle school's final test, the Laybrinth Trial, when it was revealed that he had finished first only by cheating. For this, he was suspended from the academy indefinitely, but chose to accept a post at Senate Academy, a school specializing in those looking to enter the Galactic Senate. For the The Padawan Observer end of year awards, his fellow students voted him as a "Future Sith Lord." As he left for Senate Academy, he told his classmates that this academy was really impressed with his work and that he would think of them when he was ruling the galaxy. He told them to remember to vote for him, though Bill wondered if he could possibly be serious.[3]

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Ronald shares his last name with Jonathan W. Rinzler, who serves as an author and editor for Lucas Licensing's book division and who is listed in the acknowledgements for Jedi Academy: The Phantom Bully. Ronald's sister doesn't appear in the issues but is mentioned when Ronald knew his sister was going to be a Jedi. Although, as president, Bill knew that Ronald could be out to get him out of his way the next movement or it will be next movement before Bill knows it.


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