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Ronet Coorr was a male humanoid who represented the planet of Iseno in the Galactic Senate during the Separatist Crisis.


During the start of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, Ronet supported the Military Creation Act and was a member of the Loyalist Committee.

In 21 BBY, during Operation Durge's Lance, Coorr was bribed by fellow Committee senator Onaconda Farr to redirect the Naval fleet at Iseno to Farr's native Rodia. As the Iseno fleet was meant to reinforce the planet Duro, the fleet transfer served to quicken the fall of that planet to the Confederacy. Following the battle, when news of the bribe became known, both Coorr and Farr resigned from the Senate, and returned to their homeworlds.

Some time later, Vyn Narcassan was following the trail of a secret communication channel, in which he claimed the opinion as a serious case. Coorr saw the matter and was skeptical that Vyn risked his career.

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