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Rontos were four-legged saurian herbivores[2] native to the desert world of Tatooine.[3] They were the favored pack animals of the indigenous Jawas.[1] Despite their imposing size and appearance, rontos were skittish and easily startled. Although well adapted to desert life, they required a great deal of water to survive.[2]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Industrial Light & Magic modified the Brachiosaurus model from Jurassic Park to create the Ronto that appeared in post-1997 releases of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. Before the Ronto was given a name, the ILM animators refered to the creature as "Bronto" throughout the making of the sequence it appears in. When he was asked what the animal was to be named, George Lucas dropped the 'b' from ILM's nickname thus finalizing its name.[4]



Notes and referencesEdit

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