"Welcome to Ronyards. Welcome to the Body of the Living God!"
―Brother Fivelines, to C-3PO[src]

Ronyards, also known as the Body of the Living God by its inhabitants, was a planet located on the Hydian Way in the Inner Rim.


"But you have failed to realize the truth at the heart of the mystery which is Ronyards. You see, Ronyards isn't a planet... Ronyards is the Living Body of God."
―Brother Fivelines, to C-3PO[src]

The planet had a long history of use as a droid junkyard, and by Imperial times, droid husks lay up to 5 miles deep in places. The still-functioning droids of Ronyards developed a religion around the planet, which they considered to be the Living Body of God. One known droid type found there was the buzz droid.

The loss of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer with all hands during the Ronyards expedition to mine varium on the planet was likely caused by the planet itself, leading credence to the religious beliefs of the droid brotherhood that Ronyards attained a "spirit" through the assimilation of the countless droid bodies resting on its surface.

After investigating the inert body of the Great Heep, some researchers speculated that Ronyards was not a planet, but a giant specimen of Abominor.[1]

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