"If this ship goes down, you'll go down with it…so row well and live."
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The Roon Clipper was a ship in the navy of Governor Koong of Roon's Tawntoom province during the early years of the Galactic Empire. The vessel was propelled by sails and the use of slave rowers and carried at least two drone fighters in its hangar. It also carried a number of lifeboats in case the crew needed to abandon ship.


The Roon Clipper had a largely flat deck, with a structure located fore on the deck and a tower located aft. The vessel had two masts, extending from the fore structure and directly behind the rear tower, on which the sails were mounted. These sails had to be manually secured and released by climbing up the masts and the forward mast had a lookout post to provide a clear view ahead of the ship. The ship's propulsion was augmented by slaves, who were forced to row using the oars extending from the sides of the ship into the water. However, the vessel was capable of movement without either the sails or the rowers. The ship was steered using a wheel located on top of the rear tower.[1]

A ramp led down from the deck to the slave quarters. Several rows of benches were located on either side of a central walkway, each with an oar and chains to prevent the escape of the slaves. There were typically two slaves on each row and the ship could carry at least twenty. Two rows of columns along the central walkway supported the deck above. A hatch from the deck led to the cargo hold, which could also be accessed through a door from the slave quarters.[1]

Governor Koong's cabin was located in one of the above-deck structures and contained a computer console and a large screen, which could be used for communications. When docked, a gangplank from the deck allowed the crew to board or disembark the ship. A hose was available to extinguish any fires on the ship.[1]

The ship had a hangar located below the deck at the front of the vessel. The hangar could hold at least two drone fighters. A control panel on the deck had a lever to open and close the hangar door, and a button to trigger the droid-controlled starfighters to launch.[1]

Two lifeboats were attached to the rear of the vessel on either side. These smaller boats had a motor, as well as a single sail for propulsion. A swivel-mounted laser cannon at the rear of the lifeboats allowed them to target any enemies that might approach.[1]

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The Roon Clipper first appeared in "Across the Roon Sea", an episode of the animated series Star Wars Droids written by Sharman DiVono. In the episode, the vessel was referred to only as Koong's galley. It was later named in Koong's entry in the Databank on



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