Governor Koong unleashing rooze on Umboo.

Rooze Disease was an affliction, one of the deadliest in the galaxy, caused by the deadly rooze germ agent that affected Humans. After the germ infected the body, it would cause the victim's health to slowly deteriorate until, if not cured after roughly three standard days, it disintegrated the body within seconds. During these days the patient would feel dizziness and a strange sensation that his or her hands faded away. As it happened, Koboks like Gaff were immune.

It was first tested as a biological weapon by the Galactic Empire during the Mavvan Conflict but it eliminated the Imperial troops along with the rebels it was targeted against and was never used again. Governor Koong of Tawntoom on Roon made the same mistake and unleashed it on the pastoral Umboo province, infecting himself in the process. Terrinald Screed and his stormtroopers, however, evaded being infected during this instance via a breath mask and their armor, respectively.

Nilz Yomm eventually discovered a cure for the germ. In addition to its medicinal value, a Kobok heavily dosed with the substance will begin to manically laugh uncontrollably, unable to perform any other action while under its effect.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the subtitles of Treasure of the Hidden Planet on side two of the Star Wars Droids DVD, "rooze" is written "roos."



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