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"Jak—the battle isn't over. The battle is just starting."
―Rorak, to his son Jak[src]

Rorak was a male individual who lived on the planet Coruscant during the Galactic Civil War. He was present, along with his son Jak, in Monument Plaza after the Battle of Endor, when Coruscanti citizens toppled a statue of Darth Sidious, the fallen sovereign ruler of the Galactic Empire, and Imperial forces rushed in to maintain order. During the riot, he was killed by Imperial Commander Orkin Kaw.


Rorak was old enough to have heard stories of the Clone Wars from his father. He had a son named Jak and the two lived on Coruscant during the Age of the Empire. After hearing news about the Battle of Endor, Rorak and his son joined a crowd which gathered at Monument Plaza and tore down the statue of Emperor Palpatine. As the crowd celebrated, they were attacked by members of the Coruscant Security Force who came in police speeders. The crowd hurled back pieces of the broken statue at law enforcement personnel.[1]

When Jak remarked that he thought that the Emperor's death meant that the battle was over, Rorak responded that the battle against the Galactic Empire had just begun. After hugging Jak, Rorak handed his son a hunk of statue. The two then joined the uprising against the Empire. However, Rorak was killed by Commander Orkin Kaw during the uprising. Jak survived and sought to avenge his father by joining the Anklebiter Brigade and obtaining an EMP from the Iktotchi crime lord Talvee Chawin to attack CoCo Town and assassinate Kaw.[1]

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Rorak was an adult male who lived during the Age of the Empire. He was old enough to have heard tales of the Clone Wars from his own father. Rorak opposed the Empire and told his son Jak that things would be better when the Empire fell. Rorak recognized that the fight for freedom had just begun after the Battle of Endor. He was willing to use violence to oppose the Empire.[1]

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Rorak first appeared in opening prologue chapter of Chuck Wendig's 2015 novel Aftermath, which was set immediately after the events of the Return of the Jedi.



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