Rorf Willems was head of the Ministry of Defense for the five worlds of the Corellian system during the Second Galactic Civil War. His voice was 'gravelly' and he was said to act like a thug. Along with Prime Minister Dur Gejjen and Minister of Intelligence Gavele Lemora, he was one of the three most important people of the High Cabinet.

Willems was installed as Minister of Defense sometime in the 11 days between Dur Gejjen's rise to the position of Five World Prime Minister and Admiral Wedge Antilles' meeting with Han and Leia Solo aboard the Thrackan Sal-Solo in the Kiris Asteroid Cluster. When Antilles and Gejjen asked the Solos to meet with Hapan Queen Mother Tenel Ka Djo, it was revealed that Willems was to go in their place if they refused.

Willems helped convince the Solos to go on this diplomatic mission, partly through his heated exchange of words with Han and partly by simply being present to see the what a poor replacement he would be if they refused.


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