This article is about the Wookiee living on Kashyyyk at the time of the Jedi Civil War. You may be looking for another Wookiee named Rorworr living on Naboo at the time of the Invasion of Naboo.
«Rorworr, oh he's the greatest! He's led hunting parties into the Shadowlands and even fought slavers, like you probably are...»
―Woorwill to Revan[src]

Rorworr was a male Wookiee who lived in Rwookrrorro Village on Kashyyyk in c. 3956 BBY, during the time of the Jedi Civil War.


Little is known about Rorworr's early history. What is known was that he had a family that was taken by slavers, leaving him wealthy with all of the belongings of his family.

Rorworr was a hunter who was greatly admired by the younger Wookiees who shared his village. It was said by Woorwill that he lead hunting parties into the Shadowlands helped fellow warriors and even fought slavers. However, in truth he betrayed his people by attacking lone Wookiees as they roamed among the Shadowlands, selling his captives to the slavers of Czerka Corporation and was presumably in the employ of the Wookiee chieftain, at the time, Chuundar, until his death at the hands of Jaarak, who had learned of his treachery.

Not wishing to bring disillusionment and sorrow onto the youth of his home village, Jaarak attempted to keep Rorworr's duplicity secret.

It remained so until it was exposed by the amnesic Revan, who had begun investigating the death, having come across the Wookiee's corpse while searching the forest floor for the Star Map that was located on that world. Though most of the younger generation, particularly Woorwill, were upset by the death of their hero, many of them grew to realize that by dealing with slavers, Rorworr had shed his honor, becoming unworthy of their adoration in the first place.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the game, it was stated by Worrroznor that Woorwill had a bond with Rorworr, who has no living blood relations, however this bond is not properly explained.

According to the Official Strategy Guide it was said that Rorworr was planning to sell Woorwill to Czerka and attempted to convince Jaarak to join him in his slavery activities but Jaarak refused and killed him because of this.



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