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"That's how we're gonna win, not fighting what we hate, but saving what we love."
―Rose Tico to Finn[src]

Rose Tico[5] was a female human who served in the Resistance[2] as a maintenance worker during their conflict with the First Order,[3] whom Tico had hated since she was a child.[2] Tico's sister, Paige, was a gunner in the Resistance.[3]


Evacuation of D'QarEdit

Rose Tico and her sister were both active fighters in General Leia Organa's Resistance. Her older sister Paige was a gunner on a Resistance bomber. While Rose was a mechanic, both siblings were very close; they each wore matching pendants around their necks at all times. Paige died in the Battle of D'Qar, which greatly upset Rose, who was aboard the Raddus during the evacuation.

She was stationed in the Raddus' escape pod bay to prevent any deserters from escaping during the ensuing battle between the First Order and Resistance fleets.

Finn, in an attempt to warn Rey of the critical danger that the Resistance now faced, attempted to leave the Raddus and make contact with her by stealing one of the escape pods.

When Rose caught Finn trying to escape she was initially flustered at meeting a "Resistance Hero," not realizing his intent to leave. When she did finally notice his packed back, she stunned him with a handheld taser and brought him to the brig.

When Finn came to, he tried to convince her that he was not merely a deserter but was trying to warn his friend of the direness of the Resistance's situation, pointing out the fact that the Raddus would be tracked by the First Order through hyperspace, chasing them down until they ran out of fuel and they were destroyed.

Rose realized that the First Order must be using a tracking device aboard the Supremacy. With Rose's knowledge of mechanics and Finn's knowledge of First Order ships, the two devised a plan to shut down the tracking device and allow the Raddus to escape into hyperspace. They informed Poe Dameron of their plan to infiltrate the Supremacy, although they do not know how to decrypt the ship's computer codes to be able to gain access to the ship itself. Dameron made a call to Maz Kanata, who referred them to a "master codebreaker" that they will be able to find on Cantonica.

Canto BightEdit

Without permission from acting commander Vice Admiral Holdo, Finn, Rose, and BB-8 took a ship and traveled to the casino city of Canto Bight. While Finn marveled at the superficial beauty of the city, Rose understands the darkness hiding underneath. She points out that many of these rich people and gamblers had come into their fortunes by selling weapons and goods to the First Order. She also pointed out to him the blatant abuse of the fathiers and their children caretakers.

Rose and Finn continued to search for the "master codebreaker," and thought they had identified him by the pin he wore on his lapel, but they were arrested by the Canto Bight Police for parking their ship on a private beach.

While in prison, they met a mysterious figure who claimed to be able to get them onto the Supremacy undetected. Rose and Finn politely declined. The man shrugged it off and proceeded to open the door of their cell with a lockpick.

Now free, Finn and Rose escaped through the sewer system of the city, emerging in the Fathier stables. They released the animals and the herd stampeded through the city, leaving a behind them wake of destruction.

Riding one of the Fathiers out of the city, Finn and Rose attempted to reach their ship, but it was destroyed before they can reach it by the police. The mysterious slicer suddenly returned with BB-8 aboard a stolen vessel, rescuing Finn and Rose once again.


The slicer decides to help the duo infiltrate the First Order after Rose offers him her gold pendant as payment.

As promised, his hacking skills were impressive, and they passed through the Supremacy's radar undetected. They stole a set of First Order uniforms from the supply rooms and managed to sneak through the ship until they reached the tracking mechanism.

The slicer uses Rose's pendant as a conductor in order to hotwire a door panel; he returned it to her afterward. The door opened, but Finn and Rose were quickly surrounded by First Order forces. The slicer had turned them in, selling his allegiance to the highest bidder.

Rose and Finn were taken before Captain Phasma for immediate execution. Deeming death by firing squad to be "too good for them," Phasma summoned a pair of stormtrooper executioners instead. Before they could be executed, however, a rogue AT-ST began firing on the hangar in which they were being held, distracting Phasma and the stormtroopers and allowing Finn and Rose to escape. The pilot of the rogue walker was revealed to be BB-8 when the armor of the walker was removed.

In the ensuing chaos of the Supremacy's destruction, Rose and Finn were able to escape with BB-8 aboard a stolen First Order shuttle. They took the shuttle to Crait, where the remainder of the Resistance forces had retreated.

Battle of CraitEdit

Rose piloted a ski-speeder during the Battle of Crait. The speeders were relics left over in the base from the days of the Rebel Alliance and so were in a state of serious disrepair. Having no other option, Rose and several other pilots, including Finn and Dameron, flew the speeders towards the First Order's battering ram cannon in order to prevent them from entering the base and destroying the last of the Resistance.

The majority of the speeders were destroyed by AT-M6 fire. When Dameron ordered the squadron to retreat and fall back to the base, Finn refused to retreat with them, instead deciding to fly his speeder into the cannon in an attempt to destroy it. Rose crashed her speeder into his in order to stop him from doing so and save his life, though she badly injured herself in the process. Before falling unconscious, Rose told her friend that they had to fight for what they loved instead of just fighting what they hated and kissed the dumbfounded Finn.

Finn dragged her back to the base in order for her to receive medical aid. She was transported onboard the Millenium Falcon, with the few remaining survivors of the Resistance who survived the Battle of Crait, with Finn watching over his uncounscious friend.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rose Tico was portrayed by Kelly Marie Tran in the 2017 Star Wars film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi.[3] Tran's casting in the film was first announced on February 15, 2016.[6] The first photo of Rose was released during The Last Jedi panel at Celebration Orlando on April 15, 2017.[7] Rose's surname of Tico was revealed by Vanity Fair on May 23, 2017.[8]

Tran had never seen a Star Wars movie until she got the part: she was more of a fan of other series like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. She attributes the fact she landed the part to this oversight, explaining "I didn't have this expectation of what I thought this person should be like; I wasn't trying to model her after someone I'd seen in a movie."[9]



Notes and referencesEdit

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