Rosemari Pressor Tabory was a female Human who was the sister of Jorad, and the mother of Evlyn. She grew up aboard the wreckage of Outbound Flight Project and eventually became a teacher for the young people of the colony. Both Rosemari and Jorad went to great lengths to conceal the Force-sensitivity of Evlyn from Colony Director Chas Uliar, as he would sentence her to a life of isolation in D-Three.

After the remains of Outbound Flight were recovered, Rosemari and Evlyn went to live in the Empire of the Hand with the rest of the evacuees.

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In the novel Outbound Flight, the name of Jorad's sister was given as Katarin. Whether Rosemari is the same person as Katarin or is another sister born after the crash is unknown. However, Survivor's Quest implies that she was born after the crash.


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