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This article is about the clothing retailer. You may be looking for the clone trooper, the TIE pilot or a lieutenant from the Alderaan Civil War.

Cad Bane and HELIOS-3D outside a Ross store

Ross was a clothing retailer on Coruscant. The company operated several stores around the planet. The storefront showed the company's name in Aurebesh symbols. The façade was decorated with a neon sign which read "hot". Sometimes, the shops would sell their goods at a lower price than usual, whereupon a neon "sale" sign would be put up in order to attract customers.

Behind the scenesEdit

Ross was created for the animated television show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The name is never spoken in the series, and the establishment is only identifiable through the Aurebesh signage. In "The Zillo Beast Strikes Back", a neon sign seen above a sign advertising "sale", shows a woman in a dress/coat. This, and the signs used by the shops to attract customers, suggests that Ross is a clothing store.

Ross storefront

The Ross storefront - signs read "hot", "sale" and "Ross"

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