Rostat Manr was a male Sullustan fighter pilot.

He began his career as an BTL Y-wing starfighter fighter pilot for the Rebel Alliance during the last years of the Galactic Civil War. He continued serving the Alliance of Free Planets and then the New Republic until 7 ABY. Then, he considered that his work was done, and that he was tired of fighting. He resigned his commission and began working as a private pilot.

He started working for Event Vistas, as a pilot of luxury cruiser liners. A couple of months after he had shown skill, he was promoted to chief pilot on the Nebula Queen, a ship making regular runs to Coruscant. His co-pilot was another Sullustan, Nurm.

While on a leave, Manr was kidnapped by agents of Imperial warlord Zsinj, where Manr was brainwashed. He would continue with his usual job but, on a trigger phrase (about Ewoks in Manr's nose) he supposed to deliberately crash ship.

It is unknown, who activated him, but during regular flight with Nebula Queen to Coruscant Manr heard that trigger phrase and obeyed. He felt, he need to crash cruiser on Coruscant (in a way to get rid of Ewoks from inside his nose). Before that could happen Nurm took over cruise control from auxiliary bridge. Furious Manr got there, but was stun blasted by Nurm's blaster pistol as Nurm was previously instructed by New Republic Intelligence officer and immediately arrested.

Thanks to previous encounters with other Minefield subjects, including Tal'dira and Nuro Tualin, the Wraith Squadron was expecting a brainwashed Sullustan and the Republic was warned. Manr was very possibly later thoroughly interrogated by New Republic Intelligence.

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