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Rotans were loyal, pro-Galactic Republic soldiers indigenous to Rotas V,[1] a planet in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories.[2] Rotan soldiers wore kama belt-spats, flexible leather[3] half-kilts[4] traditionally used by and associated with Mandalorian warriors.[3]

When many of the Grand Army of the Republic's clone trooper officers took to wearing kamas due to the army's Mandalorian influence, several Republic leaders were against the proliferation of a symbol from the Mandalorian culture among the clone ranks. However, opinions were swayed into support after it was pointed out that the indigenous Republic fighters of Rotas V had also worn kamas into battle.[3] Referring to the kamas only as "command skirts," these individuals emphasized the influence of the Rotan fighters in the clones' usage of the kama[1] over that of the Mandalorians.[3]

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The indigenous fighters of Rotas V were first introduced to Star Wars canon in the Visual Dictionary accompaniment to Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. They were later mentioned again in the Guide to the Grand Army of the Republic, an article in the eighty-fourth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine, written by Karen Traviss and Ryan Kaufman.


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