The Royal Court was an institution on the planet Virujansi that acted as a buffer between the Rajah and his guests. During an audience, due to strict protocols, the Rajah refused to acknowledge a supplicant or guest, instead speaking through the Court. The Rajah was not even meant to listen to the discussions directly, instead relying on interpretation from a member of his Court. There were five members of the Court; the Peoples' Advisor, who translated the supplicant's words for the Rajah; the Mouth of the Ancestors, who recited previous incidents from history that could have a bearing on the current issue at hand; the Eye of History was responsible for providing options on the current discussions, and possible future ramifications; the Wrathor, who voiced the Rajah's displeasure with the visitor's discussion, using elaborate insults; and, finally, the Conciliator, who voiced the possible merits of the proposals at hand, and suggested possible compromises. Visitors to the Court were expected to obey protocol and provide their own versions of the Wrathor and Conciliator, with the visitor remaining silent. Once an arrangement had been agreed, only then did the Rajah acknowledge the principal visitor.