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"They blew up my father's castle and all of Alderaan with it."
―Leia Organa, to Eneb Ray[src]

The Royal Palace of Alderaan served as the residence of the House of Organa, the royal family of the planet Alderaan.[5] Thanks to the skills of the Alderaanian architects, the palace and the city around it blended smoothly into the local snow-capped mountains.[2] An elegant building, its design captured the opulence of royalty.[5]

One of the palace's balconies overlooked a lake.[6] Leia Organa's childhood bedroom was situated high in one of the palace's towers.[7] Bail Organa's roomy palace office had more than enough space for a desk, a few chairs, and an aquarium full of brightly colored sea creatures.[3]

The palace was destroyed when the Death Star, a planet-killing battle station built by the Galactic Empire, blew up Alderaan shortly before the Battle of Yavin.[1]



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