The Royal Security Forces marines raid on Mauler base was an operation carried out by Royal Naboo Security Forces marines under the command of Typho some time during the Galactic Civil War.


The Maulers was one of the greatest threats to the citizens of Naboo during the early days of the Galactic Civil War. When an unknown number of RSF agents, who had been involved in the successful raid on the Skaak Tippers island just of the coast of Kaadara, were placed in the command of Typho by Quarsh Panaka, Typho offered a number of job in the local branches of RSF in Keren. One of these was to work for the RSF marines and take part in a two-part operation staged against the Maulers.

The operationEdit

Both stages of the operation were directed at a Mauler stronghold not too far from Keren.

The first stage consisted in the RSF marines confiscating four weapons caches that were scattered over the base. In the process several Maulers were killed. Having successfully returned to Typho with the caches, the Marines were ordered back to the base, this time to assassinate a number of Mauler officers. The mission was a success, and the marines may possibly have killed some of the officers' aides as well as other members of the Maulers' ranks.


A crippling blow to the Maulers, this operation did not stop them completely, and the RSF agents were dispatched on a handful of missions directed at the Maulers before being placed under the command of Pooja Naberrie.