The Royal Security Forces police raid on Mauler base was an operation conducted by agents of the Royal Naboo Security Forces supporting local undermanned NSF police branch of Keren.


The Maulers were among the many criminal organizations infesting the otherwise peaceful planet Naboo during the Galactic Civil War. Having finally broken a siege by the Maulers of local farmers, Typho, who was at that time in command of the RSF branch in Keren, ordered an unknown number of RSF agents, who had previously been under the command of Quarsh Panaka during the successful attack on a Skaak Tipper base, during which Jonni Skaak was killed, to help the Keren police make sure that the remaining Maulers would not further harm the citizens.

The operationEdit

The RSF agents arrived, infiltrated a local Mauler bunker, and fought the remaining Maulers, killing at least fifteen of them, before securing the area. As a result of the operation, the RSF learned that the Maulers were in possession of five crates of experimental weapons which were located in a secondary base.

Confiscation of five weapons cratesEdit

Typho immediately dispatched the agents to the secondary base to find and confiscate these weapons crates. The RSF agents managed to located the secondary base and the crates, which were originally stolen by the Maulers during the siege.

After engaging in combat with the Maulers, killing at least five Mauler Champions in the process, the RSF agents managed to secure the five crates. The operation being a success, Typho ordered the RSF agents to initiate a second stage of the operation.

Decrypting communicationsEdit

Suspecting that the Maulers were planning a major military operation, potentially involving the experimental weapons, Typho ordered the RSF agents to further investigate the matter to determine whether his suspicions were grounded or not.

Having rendered at least seven Mauler Apprentices incapable of fighting, the RSF agents found seven communiqués, which were encrypted. From his command post in Keren, Typho suggested that perhaps they could obtain a decoding device from one of the resident Mauler Lords.

Having defeated an unknown number of Lords, the RSF agents finally found the device, and proceeded to Theed to decrypt the messages, only to learn that a Mauler warlord was planning to take control of the gang and stage a major assault on Keren.

A final effortEdit

Distressed with the newly acquired information, Typho ordered the RSF agents to return to the secondary base and assassinate the Mauler usurper before the attack on Keren could be staged. Having fought their way back into the base, the RSF agents succeeded in defeating the usurper and the Mauler minions, thus preventing the Mauler takeover of Keren.


While severely crippled by the attack, the Maulers continued their criminal activities, and Typho dispatched the RSF agents on a number of other missions against them, before placing them under the command of Pooja Naberrie.