The Royal Seers were a quartet of seers that advised Shimrra Jamaane, the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong, in the final days of the Yuuzhan Vong War. The Royal Seers were appointed as gesture of good will for the Elite, who had grown very concerned over Shimrra's actions over the past few klekkets. The four seers were to represent each of the four Ruling CastesWarrior, Intendant, Shaper, and Priest. They were elderly females covered in dried Yuuzhan Vong blood, giving them a grotesque, hag like appearance. The Seers effectiveness was questionable, as they often spoke in contradictions, and as Shimrra's word was believed to be the will of the Yun'o. During the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, the Seers questioned whether Shimrra had misinterpreted the signs, when it was revealed that Zonama Sekot had given the Jedi living vessels, which would violate the True Way. Shimrra, infuriated, ordered the Slayers to kill the Royal Seers. Not one offered resistance.


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