"I—I killed them. I killed them all. They're dead, every single one of them. Not just the men. The women and the children, too."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

The Rrhr hunting band was a clan of Tusken Raiders from Tatooine. At some point in 22 BBY, they had established a village in the Valley of the Spirits. The same year, the clan members were massacred by the young Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, in retaliation for having captured and tortured his mother to death. The sole survivor, KkH'Oar'Rrhr, vowed to take his revenge on Skywalker. The site of the massacre remained untouched for the next three decades.


"They’re like animals! And I slaughtered them like animals! I hate them!"
―Anakin Skywalker[src]

The Rrhr hunting band was a tribal clan of Tusken Raiders, the nomadic people of Tatooine.[2] Like all Tusken Raiders, the Rrhr clansmen were nomads. They rove the desert for most of the year and established semi-permanent encampment during the hot season, setting up their urtya tents in the barren wastes. While some tribes wore sand-repelling capsules around the neck, the Rrhr only sported scarves. They also had spitters integrated into their masks so they could sprinkle their enemies with streams of blood during an attack.[1]

Anakin slays tusken

A "Demon Outlander" massacred the clan.

One month prior to the start of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY, the Rrhr had settled a village[3] in the Valley of the Spirits, an area of the Jundland Wastes that was considered a Tusken hunting territory.[4] Around that time, they captured Shmi Skywalker Lars, one of the planet's many Human colonists, while she was picking up vaporator mushrooms on her way home. Skywalker Lars's son Anakin Skywalker, who was a tormented Jedi Apprentice, tracked the Rrhr and found their camp, hoping to rescue his mother. However, she died in his arms,drawing the young man in a whirlwind of sorrow and hate. In retaliation, Skywalker stormed out of the tent in which he had found his mother and killed every member of the Rrhr hunting band, even the women and the younglings.[3] All were massacred, save the young KkH'Oar'Rrhr, who owed his survival to having been away bonding with his bantha that night.[2]

Following that incident, KkH'Oar'Rrhr was adopted into A'Sharad Hett's clan, and Skywalker gained the name of "Demon Outlander" among the Tuskens. Retroactively, the prisoner of the Rrhr, Shmi Skywalker, was also deemed a witch and the mate of the demonic Great Jawenko. For his part, KkH'Oar'Rrhr vowed to avenge his family, embarking on a quest that ultimately led him to Shumari.[2] The village itself was kept in its desolate form to honor the Rrhr Tuskens that had perished there, and its ruins could still be seen by 8 ABY.[5]



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