This article is about the infiltrator. You may be looking for the freighter or the story of the same name.

The Rude Awakening was an assault pinnace infiltrator manufactured for the GA Marines Void Jumper units.


The infiltrator was armed with automatic laser cannons, at least one shield generator and a medbay complete with an Emdee droid.


In 44 ABY, the frigate Redstar dropped the Rude Awakening off at the entrance to The Maw. Jedi Master Jaina Solo then piloted the ship with Grand Master Luke Skywalker aboard, attempting to reach Abeloth's planet to rescue Ben Skywalker and defeat Abeloth. After sensing that the Sith Meditation Sphere Ship was guarding the passage to the planet, Luke went to a bunk in the ship's medbay and left his body behind to enter the realm of beyond shadows. As the distance between the two ships closed, a battle between the two vessels ensued. Both ships sustained heavy damage, but after launching several baradium missiles, Master Solo managed to gain the upper hand with Ship fleeing from the engagement. The infiltrator then landed on the planet, and Jaina found that Ben and Vestara Khai had already managed to defeat Abeloth's avatar. After Vestara escaped on a damaged Ship when she realized that the Jedi had discovered her betrayal, Jaina ferried an injured Ben and a still-unconscious Luke to safety.


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