"I strongly advise you to not approach the ruins!"
―Survey Team leader[src]

The Ruins of Kressh were a set of Sith ruins located on the planet Athiss outside of the tomb of the Sith alchemist Vodal Kressh. Those who had served Kressh during his life remained on Athiss in the tomb and ruins and their descendants became known as the Tomb Dwellers. When Galactic Republic survey team six-eight-nine-mark-one landed on Athiss they accidentally discovered the ruins and the tomb and were driven mad before being attacked by the Dwellers. Both the Republic and the Sith Empire then put together strike teams to investigate the area where the survey team had gone missing, and one of the strike teams arrived at the area and fought their way through the Tomb Dwellers there, including the Beast of Vodal Kressh. They then moved on into the tomb.