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"Euceron is trying its best to keep things under control. The leaders of the Ruling Power don't want anything to go wrong. They are trying to gain more power in the Senate, to be put on some very important committees. This is a crucial way to show that their planet is stable ... The city looks peaceful and prosperous, but the Ruling Power has been working for years to make it look that way. They are cultivating an image, and they are typically aggressive about their methods."
―Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[src]

The Ruling Power was the government in charge of the planet of Euceron. Headquartered in the planet's capital city, Eusebus, the Ruling Power hosted the Galactic Games of 26 BBY.

Euceron had one of the largest security forces in the galaxy for a world of its size. The Ruling Power, however, ruled by repression and intimidation; its ten rulers made the laws and decisions for the entire planet. An individual ruler's title was numerical: "Ruler One," "Ruler Two," etc.

The Galactic Senate did not normally support this kind of government, but the safety and peace of the people during the Galactic Games was critical, and was the reason why the Jedi High Council, at the Ruling Power's request, sent three teams of Jedi to help monitor the events and keep the peace there.

When a conspiracy initiated by high-profile members of the Galactic Games Council against certain Galactic Senators was finally exposed, the criminal hearing was presided over by Rulers Three, Six, and Seven.


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