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"Shall I kill you now, or let Nolaa Tarkona do the job?"
―Rullak when facing Bornan Thul[src]

Rullak was the Quarren representative of the alien-supremacist Diversity Alliance in 24 ABY. He was a member of Nolaa Tarkona's inner council, though he joined only to gain personal glory.


During the Battle of the Emperor's Plague Storehouse, Rullak fought Bornan Thul, who wrestled Rullak's blaster from him before knocking him aside and retreating. An enraged Rullak pursued Bornan, who had ducked between two cylinders containing biological weapons.

Blinded by rage, Rullak fired indiscriminately, and some shots struck the plague cylinders and the surrounding spheres. A furious Nolaa warned him to stop shooting, but deadly pathogens had already been released into the air. A Human-specific plague infected the nearby Bornan, and a Quarren-specific one infected Rullak, killing both of them.


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