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Rur was High Shaman of the Terrible Glare. He was a humanoid male and the last of his order.


Having survived a monstrous war with the Jedi, thousands of years before the Galactic Civil War, Rur had embedded his personality into a computer, his body mummified inside a pyramid of glass.

In this state he sat waiting in the temple of his order on the planet Garn. He used sensors to detect nearby Jedi through their lightsabers, and lured them to the temple with a false distress signal, where he killed them with a horde of dangerous beasts. In his computerized mind, he was certain only a few months had passed since the war, and that the Jedi roamed the galaxy still.

Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, he lured Luke Skywalker to the temple. The young Rebel revealed to Rur that thousands of years had passed since the war, and that there were no Jedi left for him to exact his revenge upon. In shock and despair of hearing this news, the shaman apparently activated some sort of self-destruct mechanism in the temple, causing it to crumble around him. Skywalker managed to escape, but Rur was never heard from again.


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