Rurrk Ca'rivv was a bounty hunter operating during the early years of the Galactic Empire. The bounty hunter tried to deceive the Empire and collect the bounty on Jedi Grand Master Yoda by disguising a dead Jawa to make it appear like the Jedi Master. Ca'rivv did this by stripping the Jawa of its clothing and surgically modifying it to make it appear to be Yoda. Unfortunately for Ca'rivv, the smell of the dead Jawa alerted the Empire to the ruse, and the bounty hunter was presumably executed for the deception. As a result of Ca'rivv's actions, the Empire decided to raise the bounty for a live capture of Yoda by 30,000 credits, and implemented a policy to prevent any similar fraudulent actions from occurring again. This new policy imposed a penalty of death for any attempts of fraud by future bounty hunters.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

This bounty hunter's only canonical mentioning is in Yoda's databank entry in the Force Unleashed II video game.


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