The Rust Yards was an industrial area located on the planet Nal Hutta, near the River Lands and the Eastern Grime.[1]

The Rust Yard consisted of many factories that had been constructed, operated and eventually run to the ground yet over the decades had only been rebuilt as well as repurposed. Thus, according to common wisdom, it was considered a place where old industrial facilities went to die. The region consisted of ore refineries which had become droid recycling plants once the ore supply ran out or where weapon assembly lines became toxic chemical storage bays once the arms dealing business slowed down.[2]

By the time of the Cold War, Nem'ro the Hutt traditionally controlled the businesses at the Rust Yards. This was never by way of an official contract but rather by the fact that he held the largest armed force in the area which allowed him to coax the plant foremen to cooperate with him. However, a series of brutal attacks shifted the control of the Rust Yards to Voontara Fa'athra who was a noted rival of Nem'ro. Fa'athra had since kept the area locked down with his own mercenaries and security droids with the local workforce holding no option but to cooperate with these actions.[2]



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