The Rusty Reach was a scrap reclamation plant located to the north of Worlport, deep within the Scraplands on the planet Ord Mantell.


Located forty kilometers north-northeast of Worlport, Rusty Reach was a walled compound within the Scraplands.The surrounding terrain had been cleared and excavated to serve as a killing ground for the complex. Rusting metal towers patrolled by armed guards looked out over the killing field as a security measure to keep intruders away. The interior of the complex was filled with piles of sorted scrap, which was tended to by fifty slaves. During the Galactic Civil War, a Houk named Gerk was the supervisor of the facility. Gerk had overseen a raid on Redlake village where the slaves were acquired. Illo Vandin wished to have a package of tyrru delivered to the camp.[1]


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