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"It looks like the Empire has trashed most of the planet."
Tyr Taskeen[src]

Ruul was a planet in the Ruul system of the Core Worlds. It fell into the hands of the Galactic Empire, which imported Human prisoners to the planet and strip-mined it.


The planet fell into the hands of the Empire sometime before 0 ABY, when it was being aggressively strip-mined by the Empire, as well as playing host to multiple computer complexes in which were stored vast amounts of data. It also became the site of Tarkin Detention Facility, an Imperial prison.

Sounder Flats

The Sounder Flats computer complex.

It was in that year that Grand General Malcor Brashin and Captain Brenn Tantor arrived and discovered that one of the computer complexes had fallen into the hands of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. Tantor took back the computer complex and stretched a line of remote relay beacons to a nearby broadcast antenna from which the complex's data was uploaded to the Inquisitor, revealing important information on Rebel movements.

Near the time of the Battle of Hoth, a rebellion broke out on Ruul, which Imperial Intelligence major Dellis Tantor was sent to squelch. Perhaps because Tantor's mission was only a cover for his capture by the Empire in which he had lost faith, the insurrection was still ongoing when Brenn Tantor returned to the planet as a Rebel several months after his brother's assignment. Tantor freed Beri Tulon from Tarkin Detention Facility and conducted an information raid on the computer complex at Sounder Flats.


Tarkin Detention Facility

Tarkin Detention Facility at night.


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