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This article is about Ruul's central computer complex. You may be looking for the Sounder Flats computer complex on Ruul.

Under the Galactic Empire, Ruul was home to several computer complexes used to store and transmit vast stores of information. The central computer complex, located in a strip-mined canyon, was captured by the Rebel Alliance prior to the Battle of Yavin.

The Rebels used the facility to transmit information, which turned out to be a great liability when it was captured by Captain Brenn Tantor. Though the complex's transmission antenna was damaged in the final assault, Tantor and his brother Dellis were able to string a series of remote relay beacons to a nearby broadcast facility from which records of the Rebels' transmissions were beamed to the orbiting Star Destroyer Inquisitor. There, Grand General Malcor Brashin analyzed the data and discovered that the Rebels had secretly taken energy collection facilities on Sarapin.