This article is about the in-universe character. You may be looking for Ryan Kaufman, the real-world author.

Ryan Kaufman was a sentient individual who was a translator of the Kaminoan language to Basic. Kaufman translated a Kaminoan myth of the magical and powerful god-beast Protas, and both his defeat and death due to a pod of the cetacean aiwha. The tale served to explain why the aiwha were accorded respect by all creatures in the oceans of the planet Kamino.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

"Translated from the Kaminoan by Ryan Kaufman"
―Opening of The Tale of the Aiwha Pod[src]

The real-life author Ryan Kaufman wrote the short story The Tale of the Aiwha Pod, which was published in the official game guide for the video game Star Wars: Republic Commando in 2005. The story was written from an in-universe perspective, and opened with the words "Translated from the Kaminoan by Ryan Kaufman," which placed the author's namesake in the Star Wars universe.


Notes and referencesEdit

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