Rycar's Run was one of most treacherous space routes used by smugglers. It involved at least eight hyperspace jumps. This one in particular was made infamous by Rycar Ryjerd, who was considered to be an idiot for doing so.


While the Kessel Run was considered dangerous, Rycar's Run was outright insane. It began with picking up Verpine shatter guns at the Roche asteroid field, continued with slipping out while avoiding Imperial patrols, and arriving at Tatooine, where guns were exchanged for slaves from Ryloth and Kashyyyk. The slaves were then transferred to Kessel, where they were exchanged for a load of glitterstim spice. On the prison planet of Kiffex the spice was exchanged for a freedom of certain convicts, who were then transported to Nar Shaddaa to resume their criminal career.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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