Ryland Dackett was a male mercenary during the Sith civil war of the Republic Dark Age. He was the shipmaster for the ship Diligence in Rusher's Brigade,[1] and was good friends with Jarrow Rusher. While he refused to give others his age, he claimed to have been "born during an artillery barrage—and conceived there, too," and had spent most of his life helping Sith kill other Sith. During the Battle of Gazzari, Dackett took a recovery team to salvage what was left of Tun-Badon's Serraknife Battalion, unaware that the entire battalion had been killed. Dackett was injured, but was pulled to safety by the clumsy young Duros Beadle Lubboon.

He had an artificial arm and gapped teeth which often whistled when he talked. He also claimed to have three wives.


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