Rylee Dray was a female Human living on Nar Shaddaa during the Cold War. Formerly a member of the Cult of the Screaming Blade led by Sith Lord Paladius, she and Destris Veran left the cult after realizing that all of the Sith Lord's promises were false lies. They were about to be killed by Paladius's cultists in retaliation, but were saved by the arrival of the apprentice of Darth Zash, who seeked Paladius for his artifact. Determining that the best way to draw him out was to usurp his cult, Destris advised the Sith Inquisitor to take on the Krayts gang to win the support of the lower classes, while Rylee suggested curing the disease called the Rot to achieve the same.

Relocating to Strell House on the Promenade, Rylee and Destris told the Inquisitor about the gathering of Paladius' followers in the Meridian Hall and offered a way to trick his supporters by detonating the gas pipes running after the hall to imitate an on-demand Groundquake, setting the Sith up with Gord Madel. After a display of power, Paladius invited Rylee, Destris and the Sith to meet him in his sanctuary. There, he attempted to kill the Sith, but was defeated.

Despite Paladius' pleas, he was killed and Rylee and Destris took over the cult, accumulating the power for their new master. In 3641 BBY the Sith, now Lord Kallig, returned to them in search of a CN-12 sensor chip. Rylee and Destris exlained that the chip was in the possession of their competitive called the Veil.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rylee can be romanced by a male Inquisitor.[1] If Rylee and Destris are killed in the dark side option, Paladius will once again lead the cult. In the light option, Rylee and Destris are spared and lead the cult in the Inquisitor's name, but may lose control to The Veil later due. Otherwise they appear at their master's asendence to the Dark Council.


Notes and referencesEdit

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