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"Another armed occupation is not a free Ryloth. How long before I am fighting you, Master Jedi?"
―Cham Syndulla, to Mace Windu — Gnome-speakernotesListen (file info)[src]

Ryloth was a planet in the Ryloth system of the Outer Rim Territories, and the homeworld of the Twi'lek species. Its terrain varied, filled with jungles, mesas, valleys, and volcanoes, and had an atmosphere breathable for Twi'leks and Humans alike. Given the varied and dangerous terrain, Twi'leks lived in caves underground where it was safer.


Clone WarsEdit

During the Clone Wars, Ryloth was invaded by the battle droid armies of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Confederacy was repelled by the Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, and Twi'lek Resistance, the latter of which was led by freedom fighter Cham Syndulla. Years later.

Imperial protectorateEdit

After the Clone Wars ended, Ryloth officially became a protectorate of the Galactic Empire and was classed as free and independent although it did not reflect reality as it was under the rule of the Empire, which would caused a rebellion against its reign.[3]

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