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"Ryloth Resa" was the alias used by a female Twi'lek propagandist who managed a musical station in the Separatist Shadowfeed during the Clone Wars.[1]

While it was an enemy broadcast, the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic were known to tune in to Resa's broadcasts as she offered a more modern musical selection, such as leap-jump remixes, than the turgid and outdated jatz played by the Republic Army's Bettie-Bots. This proved to be a useful propaganda tool for the Separatists, and late at night Resa would tearfully beg the clone troopers to desert from the army and spread stories of ill-treatment of clones by the Galactic Republic.[1]

After the Galactic Republic captured Murkhana, the origin point of much Separatist propaganda, Ryloth Resa's broadcasts ended, though she was never apprehended and her true identity remained unknown.[1]


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