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"Ryloth Resa" was the alias used by a female Twi'lek propagandist who managed a musical station in the Separatist Shadowfeed during the Clone Wars.[1]

While it was an enemy broadcast, the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic were known to tune in to Resa's broadcasts as she offered a more modern musical selection, such as leap-jump remixes, than the turgid and outdated jatz played by the Republic Army's Bettie-Bots. This proved to be a useful propaganda tool for the Separatists, and Resa would tearfully beg the clone troopers to desert from the army and spread stories of ill treatment of clones by the Galactic Republic.[1]

After the Galactic Republic captured Murkhana, the origin point of much Separatist propaganda, Ryloth Resa's broadcasts ended, though she was never apprehended and her true identity remained unknown.[1]


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